Busted Again! NFL Tried to Rig Concussion Study

FILE - In this March 11, 2013, file photo, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell takes questions during a news conference in New York. Marijuana is casting an ever-thickening haze across NFL locker rooms, and it's not simply because more players are using it. As attitudes toward the drug soften, and science slowly teases out marijuana's possible benefits for concussions and other injuries, the NFL is reaching a critical point in navigating its tenuous relationship with what is being recognized, more and more, as the analgesic of choice for many of its players. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Here we go again! Remember back in 2012 when the NFL so generously offered a no-strings-attached $30 million donation to the National Institute for Health (NIH) to fund its independent studies into football and concussions? But when it came to where the money actually went, the League quickly objected to Boston University’s Dr. Robert Stern’s role in leading the study. Just what part of ‘unconditional’ didn’t they understand? Continue reading

Wha?!! NFL Actually Paid Money Back?

Last year, the story broke about how the NFL and many of its teams were actually paid for those patriotic salutes to our veterans during games. Click HERE to read our post from last November.

check_in_the_mailWell, turns out it still took them 6 months to finally open up their wallets and pay back that money. But it was only $723,734 of the $6.8 million that the Dept. of Defense actually shelled out in total to the NFL and its teams. The rest of it was paid directly to the teams and here’s a list of the Top 10 recipients of those “patriotic tributes” with the Falcons topping the list:

  1. Atlanta Falcons $879,000
  2. New England Patriots $700,000
  3. Buffalo Bills $650,000
  4. Minnesota Wild $570,000
  5. Baltimore Ravens $534,500
  6. New Orleans Saints $472,875
  7. San Diego Chargers $453,500
  8. Seattle Seahawks $453,500
  9. Atlanta Braves $450,000
  10. Indianapolis Colts $420,000

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From 2014: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 2

And here’s Season 2 of GQ’s Casualties of the Gridiron. Has anything changed for retired players? Do players expect things to get any better with the so-called NFL concussion lawsuit settlement?

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From 2013: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 1

Back in 2013, GQ produced a documentary that followed several retired NFL players on their journey after leaving the game. The long-term effects of injuries to their bodies and their brains has serious impacts not only on them but their families, all with little or no attention or benefits from the NFL once they’re no longer of any use to them.

Here’s Season 1.

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Gale Sayers and Crew Fight Back

heads i winIn some of our past posts, we’ve often pointed out the Heads-We-Win-Tails-You-Lose approach with all too many lawyers and lawsuits. And we pointed out that the plaintiffs’ attorneys for the NFL concussion lawsuits will be fighting over how to divide up their $112 million legal fees offered to them almost as soon as the settlement actually closes (but not before all appeals are done). But on top of the $112 million, many of the attorneys will also be claiming fees (typically around 35%) from players’ individual awards (if they ever receive anything over the 65 year term of the agreement).

Late last week, retired NFL players Gale Sayers, Lem Barney, Thomas Skladany, Thomas Vaughn, Jerry Rush, Kenneth Callicutt, and Eric Hipple filed a complaint in US District Court in Pennsylvania against the law firms of Hausfeld, LLP, Zimmerman Reed, LLP, Locks Law Firm, LLC, Bondurant, Mixson, & Elmore, LLP, and Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood, P.C. The retired players are seeking a declaratory judgment against any liens or potential liens those law firms may have on any potential monetary awards those players might receive from the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer. The suit was filed by Arthur Goldman and Shawn Rodgers of Arthur Goldman LLC for the law firm of Cummings, McClorey, Davis, & Acho, PLC which has been representing many in this group of players over the years.

We’ve uploaded a copy of the filing to Scribd for easy reading and downloading. Click on the Enlarge button in the lower right corner to enlarge in another tab for easier viewing. Continue reading

The Law of Unintended Consequences at Work

Law_unintended_consequencesSo the NFL looks like it may have dodged another bullet in the recent Circuit Court ruling against the retired players in the Concussion lawsuit settlement. But there are always unintended consequences to everything. And as always, the League expects someone else to pay. A couple of interesting new developments today both of which are now consequences emerging from this recent ruling. (You can read about it in our earlier post including a copy of the ruling by clicking HERE.)

Back in 2012 after the first concussion lawsuits started to work their way through the courts, the NFL’s insurance companies pushed back on limiting their liabilities for covering the League’s payouts on their liability coverage policies (in part because of the Riddell helmet lawsuit. So of course, the NFL ended up suing over 30 insurance companies in California and the insurance companies fired back with countersuits in New York to deny liability. All of this got put on hold for the past couple of years while the NFL concussion suit made its way through the court in Pennsylvania.

Well, in March of this year, New York State Judge Jeffrey K. Oing declared that the insurance cases should move forward in his court. And now that Judge Anita Brody’s ruling has been certified by the Third Circuit Court earlier this month, Judge Oing has just allowed the insurance companies to begin discovery in collecting documents as well as interviewing League officials and their doctors to gather evidence for their arguments. So now we have megabillion-dollar insurance companies going toe-to-toe with the puny $10 billion NFL.

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Don Brady on Brain Injuries

For your weekend viewing: A couple of interviews with Dr. Don Brady on the Joe Condon Show from late last year covering brain injuries, along with an educational video from Dr. Daniel Amen on how a concussion happens.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Patrick Hruby: The Rejected NFL Concussion Settlement Appeal Leaves Former Players with CTE High and Dry

Patrick Hruby has been doing a great job in covering the NFL concussion lawsuit and the subsequent settlement offers and appeals since the litigation started. His latest post on VICE sports talks about some discussions he’s already had with some players and how they reacted to the latest ruling from the appeals court in Pennsylvania. Re-posted with his permission.


The Rejected NFL Concussion Settlement Appeal Leaves Former Players With CTE High And Dry

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Court of Appeals Rules for NFL in Concussion Lawsuit

Screwed playerThis morning, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia issued their opinion on the appeal filings against the NFL’s concussion settlement offer. Not surprisingly, the ruling supports the original opinion from Judge Anita Brody on the NFL’s terms of settlement – it was “for the greater good of all players.” And of course, the plaintiffs’ attorneys pushing for the settlement are looking at carving up an upfront payday of $112 million PLUS a cut of every individual settlement (typically around 30%+) for each player they represent in a successful individual case.

And basically, without a trial, the NFL is not held guilty for any lifetime concussion injuries sustained by its employees (therefore no damages), CTE is not acknowledged following the final settlement and there will be no future acknowledgment or compensation for CTE from this agreement. This would be like the Big Tobacco companies being let off the hook for future claims of lung cancer from smoking: “Nah. There’s no link.” Continue reading

Ah Yes. NFL PR at Its Best

How Convenient Church LadySeems the NFL has their fingers into every pie they can to make sure they can cover their asses when things get out of hand. Last week, Cardinals’ coach Bruce Arians slammed Moms for attacking football because the shifting tide of parents wanting to protect their kids. (Click HERE to read that story on AZCentral.)

Then today? In a very fast reversal, Arians was given the ‘Voice of Women‘ award by… you guessed it: The Arizona Foundation for Women. Seriously?

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