Frank Gifford had CTE

Gifford-HoFAnd  this sad news just in today from his family after Hall of Famer and Monday Night Football mainstay Frank Gifford passed away this past August.

Thank you to the Giffords for making the decision to be open about this.


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NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Appeal Hearing

Last Thursday, Nov. 19th, The Third Circuit of Appeals in Philadelphia heard oral arguments between the NFL’s attorneys and attorneys representing retired players appealing the NFL’s concussion lawsuit settlement offer. Central argument was over the exclusion of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and some of the remarks by the NFL’s attorneys made a lot of eyes roll… (HINT: It was all Youth Football’s fault!)



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“The Next Hit Could Possibly Kill You”

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Adrian Coxson tells The Players’ POV about the hit he took on his third day of practice and how it ended his career before it even began.

You can also read more of the story behind this video on SportingNews – click HERE.

Concussion: Official Second Trailer

Gotta love Will Smith’s take on Dr. Bennet Omalu’s accent! Can’t wait for Christmas!

Now THAT was Fast!

RefundSometimes – just sometimes – bad publicity, especially in the middle of football season, can actually work. Too bad it hasn’t quite bitten them hard enough in the ass on the concussion lawsuits! But maybe after the movie Concussion comes out at Christmas.

In any event, it sure didn’t take long for the crap to hit the fan about how sports leagues have been charging all of us for those “patriotic” military displays during games. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake completed a 146-page report on this long-running scam and today, Roger Goodell announced that the NFL would be refunding our tax dollars.

As reported on Bloomberg:

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No Free Rides in the NFL

We’ve followed the NFL’s policy of Never-Pay-for-Anything over the years and we’ve seen how they never pay for their money-making stadiums or their half-time shows during Super Bowl. But this has got to be a new low. Reports have been coming out recently that even all those feel-good patriotic military tributes are nothing more than one more source of revenue for the NFL. Our tax dollars at work.

You can read the full post from ABC by clicking HERE.

Another Very Personal Story

Former Washington and San Diego Chargers Craig McEwen talks about the suck-it-up culture from the 80’s and 90’s and his life after leaving the game.

Don Brady: What Did They Know and When Did They Know it?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend, Dr. Don Brady, was puzzled by the last post from HuffPost Sports that showed the level of denial over concussions in the NFL as recently as the 80’s and 90’s. Here’s some of his research from over the years on brain injuries. Be sure to read the article attached in the Comments section below.

Dr. Don Brady

I was reading your latest post linking to that HuffPost Sports article. After watching the video clips, I had to send you an overview of what I learned about brain injuries from as far back as my early college days. I find it hard to believe that the NFL and its coaches and doctors could continue to advocate a culture of ignorance over such a long period of time. The name of that documentary League of Denial is so appropriate.

Sadly the documented concussion/brain injury literature was also OBVIOUSLY ignored/minimized during the 1980’s by various organizations and individuals. Continue reading

Changing Perspectives on Concussions over the Years

Just read this great overview from Erick Fernandez over on HuffPost Sports and passing it along. Videos embedded below. How things have changed since the 80’s! And be sure to watch the short recent comments by Jim McMahon at the end of the HuffPost story.


This Is The Horrifying Way People Talked About Concussions In 1988

At least we’ve come a long way?

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The NFLPA is Pissed!

so_pissed_offOK. So it’s been a couple of weeks since Aaron Gordon wrote his 3-part article on retired players and their seemingly endless battle for their earned benefits. Apparently, it didn’t go over too well with the NFLPA who released a full-blown response on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. Guess the Union is pissed…

Keep in mind this is the same Union that had been run by Gene Upshaw for years with little oversight and no obligation to help most retired players. (In fact, Upshaw actually declared at one point that he DIDN’T work for retired players until we pointed this out on their membership cards. Click HERE to read that old post from February 2008.)

And I just had a long phone conversation with Gordon Wright earlier this afternoon about his frustration in pursuing disability benefits over the years while also trying to have the League acknowledge his time on injured reserve during his years playing in the NFL. Without that disabled time, the League has tried to disqualify him from his full benefits, even with letters and documentation from his team acknowledging his time on the roster. (We’ll be posting more of Gordon’s story soon.)

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