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The official trailer for Sean Pamphilon’s The United States of Football.

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Lying as A Way of Doing Business

NFLPA Peanuts Concussion Study
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We’re not sure who lies and cheats more: The NFL or the NFLPA. The latest coverage from the Fainaru brothers on ESPN’s Outside the Lines has exposed the behind-the-scenes games between the League and the Union on that $100 million grant to Harvard Medical School that was announced just before Super Bowl this year for maximum PR effect. What else is new?

Here’s more to think about: Where would the money have come from in the first place and where’s it going now that the PA has basically walked away from their commitment? It’s like Gene Upshaw never left the room…

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Top Post-Football Jobs and Careers

Now that Super Bowl’s over (Go Hawks!), we can start looking at other interesting things once again. Have any of you wondered where most players are working now after retiring from football? Here’s a great infographic from Visually – check out the Top 5 corporations hiring today:

Jeff Winans: CTE. And More

Brandi Winans has been awaiting news from Dr. Ann McKee on the results of the neuropathology study of brain samples from her husband, Jeff Winans. Jeff died unexpectedly just before Christmas 2012 and had committed to provide brain tissue to Dr. McKee’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University.

The study did find presence of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) as most expected. But Dr. McKee also discovered Argyrophilic Grain Disease, which is not normally present until a much older age. Brandi wanted to share this information with everyone.

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Payback’s a Bitch

wheels flying off deal

So here we are two weeks after Judge Brody issued her opinion on the NFL’s Concussion Settlement Offer and more details are now coming out. Not on the Offer, not on the Judge’s ruling, not on counteroffers… Nope. Apparently, Chris Seeger – one of the six attorneys on the Executive Committee supposedly negotiating with the NFL – called a meeting in New York last week to “update” all the other attorneys in the class. Seeger and Sol Weiss were the two lawyers who hijacked the negotiations and presented Judge Brody with that final Settlement Offer from the NFL. What’s even more interesting is that apparently the lawyers meeting didn’t go so well with the majority still demanding to know the details of the Offer while being told no details could be disclosed because of a so-called “gag order” from Judge Brody (?!!) that Seeger kept citing during the meeting.

I know a lot of retired players complain about their brain injuries and serious memory problems. But most haven’t forgotten that it wasn’t all that long ago when Hausfeld cited the same “gag order” crap to negotiate behind everyone’s back with no transparency or communication with his clients or the other attorneys. Funny how things work. So now Hausfeld’s complaining about being left out of the final negotiations and details – oh, the irony of it all! Wasn’t he the same lawyer who kept citing gag orders to try and shut us down from blogging about details on his earlier NFL Films deal?

And how was it that the NFL owners and their lawyers would be allowed behind-the-scenes input as negotiations were ongoing even as none of the Plaintiffs that we know of were ever consulted on details of the discussions. (It was reported that Jerry Jones made sure to get his two-bits worth in on the negotiations – see below).) We also wonder where the NFL got details on actuarial numbers to come up with their paltry $765 million offer? Did they get it from the McCaskeys who not only happen to own the Chicago bears but also AON Corp. which just happens to be one of the largest insurance companies? If so, would that also be a clear HIPAA violation? Not only that, if they did have all that past actuarial information on players, now we get into the argument they’ve been trying to deflect all these years about concussions: What did they know and when did they know it?

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Tom Girardi: Behind the Scenes

Tom Girardi brass ballsAh – to have been a fly on the wall during the so-called negotiations and discussions inside the Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Executive Committee meetings. Tom Girardi was one of the attorneys nominated to the Executive Committee along with Chris Seeger, Sol Weiss and Michael Hausfeld among others. And from everything we’ve known so far, Girardi was apparently the only dissenting voice objecting loudly all the way to the end when the NFL’s $765 million Settlement Offer was proposed last August. So much so that Girardi was ignored and left out of the last months of discussions even as he voted against accepting the deal. Here’s the scoop from the Fainaru Bros. on ESPN:


Lawyer blasts concussion agreement

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Judge Brody’s Ruling

And here is Judge Anita Brody’s opinion and ruling as filed with the US District Court in Philadelphia on Jan 14, 2014.

We’ve uploaded a copy of her 12-page Opinion to Scribd to make it available for easy reading and downloading for printing. You can also click the Enlarge icon in the lower right corner of the menu at the bottom of the viewing screen to go Full Screen for easier reading (just hit the ESC key to close).

And Sam Farmer  from the LA Times has already brought in an independent legal opinion on the Settlement Offer from Stanford law professor William B. Gould:

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Thank You, Judge Brody!

Judge Judy Stupid People
Last week, the final details of the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer were finally filed with Judge Anita Brody in US Court in Philadelphia. A lot of analysis has been circulating in the sports and business media and, of course, the opinions are all over the place as always. Some will tell you what a great deal this is for the older retired players who have probably suffered the most over the years from neglect and denial of benefits from the League and their Union, the NFLPA. Most players will realize this is a ridiculous offer. Which is just that: A ridiculous offer.

Thankfully, saner minds prevailed and Judge Brody denied preliminary approval and actually questioned the settlement offer in her ruling today: “I am primarily concerned that not all retired NFL football Players who ultimately receive a qualifying diagnosis, or their related claimants, will be paid,” Brody wrote in papers filed on Monday in federal court in Philadelphia.

You can read a synopsis of her concerns on The Wall Street Journal by clicking HERE. And here’s the AP story as posted on FOX – click HERE.

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