You Know You Have a Problem When…

So the court-appointed Special Master overseeing the administration and execution of the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement was asked to find a way to provide a simple and easy-to-understand FAQ with details and instructions for retired NFL players to navigate the process of applying for their concussion lawsuit settlement. And they come back with a book. A 69-page frickin’ BOOK! Ha!

What’s also interesting is the opportunity for players to send in their impressions and comments after you’d had a chance to look this over. But you have to send them in before December 15, 2017. The full instructions are on Page 2 of the 2-page filing. And each email can only address one FAQ topic/issue at a time.

We’ve uploaded the 2-page notice filed with the court on Friday along with a full copy of the 69-page FAQ Book to Scribd for easy viewing and to make it available for downloading and printing. You can download that FAQ Book by clicking on that Download arrow  in the lower right corner of the Scribd screen, You can also click the Enlarge icon in the lower right corner of the menu at the bottom of the viewing screen to go Full Screen for easier reading (just hit the ESC key to close): Continue reading

Same Crap, Different Day

While all the focus has now been on the soap opera surrounding the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement, it’s important to remind everyone that many of the retired players and their families have still been mired in the tangled mess of fighting for their EARNED disability and retirement benefits. The League’s longstanding MO of Delay, Deny and Hope They Die has certainly not changed at all. Which was why we originally helped to promote the Opt Out campaign over 3 years ago. But then many of the attorneys eventually convinced us that the settlement offer was the best version possible while also trying to play the guilt trip about “hurting those who could not wait much longer.” So we ended up going along with the herd and almost everyone opted back on board. Well, here we are heading towards the end of the year and the lawyers are still fighting over who’s in charge and who’s going to get the biggest piece of the upfront lawyers’ fees that the NFL dangled in front of their noses to get to a quick settlement and avoid a long trial. Continue reading

Does Anyone Know Who Chris Seeger Works For?

These clips speak for themselves. Thanks to our anonymous friend player justice on YouTube!

And Seeger’s statement following the meeting:

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Judge Brody Summary • Nov 13 2017 Hearing

Judge Anita Brody’s statement on her closed hearing from Nov 13 2017 on the NFL Concussion Settlement with Chris Seeger, the NFL attorneys and a Special Master representative.

HBOT for Veterans

Here’s the episode on HBOT that FOX Business Innovations with Ed Bagley Jr. aired last night on Remembrance Day.

Meanwhile, the team owners are still negotiating Roger Goodell’s new contract that would be well over $40 million a year with bonuses and perks (including access to a private jet for life). They could build a chamber in each of the teams’ training facilities for less than what they pay this idiot in one year!

It’s also been rumored that Paul Allen has already had a chamber in the Seahawks’ training camp for a while now.

Objection Letter to Judge Brody

NOTE: This form is now disabled as the meeting time has passed. Thanks for sending all your emails!

This form will be sent as an email to Judge Brody’s office to communicate your objections to the closed-door conference to be held on Mon. Nov 13, 2017. You can read our earlier posts on this secret hearing – just click HERE and HERE.

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When Things Start to Smell Funny…

Interesting week and it’s still not over yet. On Friday, Locks Law Firm, Zimmerman Reed, Girardi Keese, Goldberg Persky White, McCorvey Law and Pope McGlamry filed letters of objection with Judge Anita Brody. This was to protest the short notice and closed hearing that Judge Brody filed this Wednesday regarding an “update meeting” to be held only with Chris Seeger, the NFL attorneys, as well as the Special Masters overseeing the Settlement. NO plaintiffs were included either! (Read that earlier post and those filings by clicking HERE.)

Then this got slipped into the qualification rules on Wednesday but did not officially show up in the system until late Friday (and a government holiday for Remembrance Day on Saturday) via electronic filing. Sounds like NFL Disability Testing Rules 101 all over again. (Good find, Sheilla Dingus!)

So here’s the objection letter from Locks: Continue reading

Larry Kaminski: Still Waiting…

This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated by the NFL and NFLPA against all former players, especially those guys from back in the day and who need help the most today.

And where is Drew Brees, the great humanitarian, when guys need support? He is another modern-day hypocrite ball player.

Meanwhile, the lawyers are too busy fighting over how to split up the huge upfront gift the NFL dangled in front of their noses to give a crap about the players!

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An End to Thursday Night Football?

After a very painful 22 – 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks are tallying up their injuries and losses off the field, leading to a lot of discussion on whether this added night is worth the damage.

A Seattle TV station – KING5 – recently sent out a detailed injury survey directly to former Seahawks players that confirmed many answers most retired players already knew over the years after retiring. Continue reading

Mad as Hell…

If nothing else makes you mad as hell, then this certainly will…

For all you players who have already applied for your settlement and continue to wade through the process (What else is new?) while the lawyers continue battle it out for their slice of the legal fee pie, here’s some more crap to piss you off!

Earlier today, Judge Anita Brody filed a notice for an update conference to be held privately in her chambers this coming Monday, Nov. 13, 2017! Then a second notice was filed almost immediately afterwards that basically locked all the other attorneys AND players out of her conference except for “lead” attorney, Chris Seeger! WTF?!!

“Class Counsel must be represented solely by Co-Lead Class Counsel Chris Seeger, Esq.”

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Chris Borland PSA on CTE

Chris Borland shares a public service announcement with the Union of Concerned Scientists on CTE.

It’s Always About the Money!

And this is what I’ve talked with so many of you retired players about over the years. Can’t say it any better: It’s always about the money!

The football colleges continue to scout for football talent and offer them scholarships to get them on board their money machines. Of course, based on NCAA rules, college athletes are not allowed to make any money. Because that would be “unethical.” No salaries. No disability benefits. No endorsements. But you did get a football scholarship!

Never mind that each of these colleges make millions from broadcast revenues, ticket sales, licensing and products because of these athletes who actually do all the work. Generally, the majority of college players are given scholarships for one thing and one thing only: Their football skills and contribution to their teams. And sadly – as most of you have also shared with me – when any players get permanently injured, the majority of them will lose their scholarships. Of course, there are a few of you who managed to make the most of your scholarships and went on to careers that your college degrees provided.

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NFL Arrests

Had no idea there was an online database of NFL player arrests over the years. Also interesting: A note on this site states …there are 1700 NFL Players and their arrest rates are lower than the USA arrest rate.

Click HERE to access their site.

And Now – Lawyers Screwing Lawyers

Well, now comes the single most important part for the lawyers in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit – but you knew this was coming!

Here’s a copy of the 22-page declaration from Seeger & Weiss filed on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 filling in the details on how the $112.5 million+ offered by the NFL will be doled out to the primary attorneys and their law firms for their “contribution” to the concussion lawsuit. That $112.5 million has already been gathering interest since it was first placed in escrow, adding another $338,602.08 in interest, along with an additional $1,368,050.20 in escrow to the original settlement numbers. So the total being paid out to the lawyers now before the players get anything? $114,206,652.28! Yes. That’s $114 MILLION!

It’s also interesting to see the hours claimed by some of these firms when we damn well know they didn’t really put in that much time at all. (You’ll see who we mean!)

And all while only a few players have finally received anything from the settlement; most of them are still waiting on their testing and evaluation for approval. And of course, this piece only covers the legal fees dangled by the League as part of the settlement. Then each of you players will also be forking over 30 – 35% of any settlement funds to your individual attorneys before you even receive one dime yourselves. And that’s if you actually get approved by their process. But we already knew that.

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