OJ Simpson and CTE?

I still remember some of the conversations about OJ Simpson I had years back as we first started to discuss concussions and CTE at our FootballVets Conferences. Many of his old friends and teammates would describe a perfect role model during his playing days with the Bills and how he would end up being the last guy to leave the stadium after a game because he wanted to make sure he signed autographs for all his young fans. A totally nice guy in his playing days who completely changed post-career. “We had no idea what happened to him!”

Of course, his original murder case was back in 1994 when he allegedly murdered his wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman. The car chase that was broadcast on live television and the subsequent trial and verdict of Not Guilty continue to generate media buzz even after his conviction for a different crime in Las Vegas – robbery and kidnapping – from 2007.

OJ is actually coming up for his first parole hearing this summer as he turns 70. If he gets turned down, he’ll have to wait another 5 years in 2022.

No winners in his story. I doubt if there’s anyone who still doesn’t believe he has serious CTE damage.

And then there’s this from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith – some REAL understanding of CTE here:

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