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The NFL’s been hooked on painkillers all along according to newly-opened court documents. Now Roger Goodell’s goofy behavior starts to make sense!


NFL painkiller abuse among allegations in court papers, report says

Bob Hille Omnisport

Former NFL players accuse the league of violating federal laws regarding prescription drugs, disregarding DEA guidance on controlled substances and keeping players on the field by using the powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatories, according to sealed court documents in a federal lawsuit, The Washington Post reported in an in-depth look at the issue.

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  1. And then there’s this: The official NFLPA press release on painkillers in the NFL…

    Shocking, I tell you! Shocking!

    NFLPA Statement on Abuse of Painkillers and Prescription Drugs

    Posted: 3/10/2017

    The NFLPA is alarmed by the revelations in the lawsuit filed by former NFL players on the abuse of prescription drugs. While we are not a party to the case, the reporting by the Washington Post and Deadspin are cause for our continued concern and vigilance for holding the League accountable to its obligations. We will monitor this case closely and take all steps necessary to ensure the health and safety of our players.

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