What’s Really Holding Up Your Concussion Settlement…


What’s Really Holding Up Your Concussion Settlement… — 2 Comments

  1. Don Brady

    No surprises with this video content.

    I hope “someone” creates a well-publicized and conflict-of-interest free website that keeps an accurate tally sheet disclosing:

    1- Specific monies paid to each player and their representing attorney.

    2- Number of players denied compensation.

    3- Specific neuropsychological/neurogonitive tests used to assess each player.

    4- Specific players receiving a timely neuropsychological / neurocognitive report that is written in everyday language, and that thoroughly describes and interprets each test used and the corresponding findings/conclusions.

    5- Number of screening appeals and cost to NFL player to appeal.

    6– Names and specific credentials of each evaluator – professional discipline, accredited degrees and certifications

    7- All evaluators and attorneys complete written conflict-of-interest statements that are placed/published on the website.

    And last but not least, that “someone” should be NFL-Conflict-of-Interest free.

    Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  2. Dr. Harry March

    Seeger cashing in!!! Sold you players out and leaving the building with $51MM to pocket for his firm.

    Seeger and Weiss said, “…an 18% lien in a conference for players a couple of years ago.”

    So how much is being claimed and by whom?

    “Dr. Harry March”

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