Adult Supervision Called In

In my years of involvement with retired players, I don’t recall ever seeing any cases where the players have taken each other on over who-gets-what. Not so of course when it comes to lawyers apparently. Which is another obvious tactic I’m sure the NFL and its lawyers never imagined would happen <sarcasm>.

Judge Anita Brody just filed an order appointing a regional Magistrate Judge David R. Strawbridge to oversee individual liens filed by attorneys involved in the original consolidated lawsuit. Seems no one can decide how to be fair so now the judge has to bring in more adult supervision.

Order Referring Individual Attorney’s Liens to Magistrate Judge


Adult Supervision Called In — 3 Comments

  1. RobertinSeattle

    Totally agree with you, Troy!

    What I have trouble understanding is how all of this happened the way it did. You have a small committee of lawyers who met behind closed doors and supposedly represented and negotiated for all the other lawyers and the players. But yet, I have yet to hear from any players who have actually been consulted and deeply involved with the negotiations and “offers” during the entire process. NONE!

    I still remember when this first started, a group of players was flown into several law offices across the country (on their dime too!) and I was included in those meetings. I helped to keep all of this open and available to help educate and bring all those players together and I recall even recruiting well over 1,000 players for one law firm alone through this blog. But once the settlement discussions began…

    And absolutely no communications until the first crappy offer arrived and we objected, leading to an “uncapped” offer which we all knows is an NFL joke that means, “We don’t give a shit because you’re not going to get any of it anyway!” Business-as-usual, right?

    Here’s something else to think about: From what I understand, even though Seeger managed to be in control of that secret lawyer’s committee, their firm apparently doesn’t even look like they have 100 clients signed up (can someone please confirm the number of clients for us please?)

    So it’s very obvious who he was really representing.

    Why can’t the players have a direct communication with the Court and the Judge?

    Scratching my head…

  2. Troy Johnson

    The lawyers could care less about the players! It’s all about their $112 million. I say give them $60 million up front and the other half after the cases have been settled.

    And no 5% holdback. Why hold back any monies when you’re already getting the $112 million dollars from the NFL?

    That’s why some lawyers have a bad name – because of the greed! Not working for the players they’re supposed to be fighting for.

    No holdback monies to lawyers! None!!!

    Troy Johnson
    Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers,
    Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers
    1986 – 1990

  3. Dr. Harry March

    Once Chris Seeger & Sol Weiss folded like cheap suits, they turned their attention to important issues to mislead the class about compensation from CTE, treatment of TBI, the giant discounts on the government liens.

    NFL provided $112MM hush money to ensure peace and low costs. Jerrah is going to take a pipe to Seeger’s knees, the way this is already coming apart by failing to buy off the other shysters.

    I gather Solly and Chris already went to business getting mint, tricked-out sports cars, beaut-e-ful power cruisers (100% Class) and new pinky rings from Don Vincenzo’s of Bensonhurst.

    “Dr. Harry March”

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