Another CTE Lawsuit

Most of you know that as part of their “settlement” in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit, the League tried to dodge a bullet – or two – in not including or acknowledging the long-term problems of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) once the settlement was in place.

But for the players who died before the settlement, there was a window open for those who had CTE confirmed in their brains after death.

Adrian Robinson Jr

The estate for Adrian Robinson just entered a CTE/Wrongful Death Lawsuit against the NFL earlier this week with the US District Court of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The Brad Sohn Law Firm and Andreozzi Associates filed a suit against the NFL and Riddell et al. Robinson was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and had also played for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers as well. He committed suicide in May 2015 at the age of 25. Boston University confirmed the presence of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in a subsequent brain autopsy.

This filing is 95 pages long! Some serious reading! Hoping one of our lawyer readers might want to take a shot at highlighting some of the interesting pieces in this lawsuit?

We uploaded this 95-page monster to Scribd for easy viewing on our Blog and to make it available for downloading and printing. You can also click the Enlarge icon in the lower right corner of the menu at the bottom of the viewing screen to go Full Screen for easier reading (just hit the ESC key to close). (You can also download the entire document by clicking on that Download icon also in the lower right corner of the viewing screen.)

Adrian Robinson CTE Wrongful Death Lawsuit on Scribd

Then there were a couple of interesting charts tucked in there – (just clicking on an image will enlarge it in a new tab for easier reading).


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  1. Dr. Harry March

    Anyone interested in an under-over for the date that DeMaurice uses PA money to enter a brief opposing this case?

    De never misses a chance to act on behalf of the owners to the detriment of players…

    “Dr. Harry March”

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