Riddell Still in Court

Not a quiet off-season this year so far!

It seems that plaintiffs’ attorneys have been filing more detailed briefs recently in all the concussion lawsuits. While the main NFL concussion lawsuit is finalizing their settlement stage, helmet maker Riddell (the ‘official’ supplier for the NFL) is still going through litigation. Earlier this week, Seeger & Weiss and Lieff Cabrasser Heimann & Bernstein LLP filed a 107-page amended complaint against Riddell with more detailed claims and damages, as well as request for a jury trial. This is still in US District Court in Pennsylvania under Judge Anita Brody.

We uploaded the 107-page complaint to Scribd for easy viewing on our Blog and to make it available for downloading and printing. You can also click the Enlarge icon in the lower right corner of the menu at the bottom of the viewing screen to go Full Screen for easier reading (just hit the ESC key to close). (You can also download the entire document by clicking on that Download icon also in the lower right corner of the viewing screen.)

Riddell Concussion Lawsuit – Second Amended Complaint on Scribd

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