Updates on the Concussion Settlement

Here are two more filings from Judge Brody’s court on the NFL Concussion lawsuit settlement. One is a protection order to cover the master administrators of the settlement and the second filing is an update (incl Appendices) on progress so far as reported to Judge Brody.

Some interesting numbers on first glance:

As of June 5, 2017, 14,507 people have submitted registration forms, including 12,082 Retired NFL Football Players, 546 Representative Claimants, and 1,879 Derivative Claimants.

The Settlement Class Members are registering overwhelmingly through the online Registration Portal (over half of the registrations to date were submitted on an individual basis through the portal, while 39% of the registrations were submitted in bulk by law firms representing larger numbers of Settlement Class Members), and 55% of the Settlement Class Members are represented by counsel.

BrownGreer is continuously processing registration submissions and working with Settlement Class Members to cure any deficiencies that may exist. In addition, BrownGreer is working to confirm claims of legal representation asserted on behalf of Settlement Class Members, including conflicting claims by different lawyers and/or law firms.

Finally, as of June 5, 2017, 14,244 Settlement Class Members already have received Notices of Registration Determination that confirm their membership in the Settlement Class. Of these successful registrants, at least 9,526 of the Retired NFL Football Players are eligible to participate in the Baseline Assessment Program.

This is a reminder that registration deadline is August 7, 2017!

And apparently two players have now been awarded claims already (not publicly named but their estates will actually be receiving the payments because they had to have been diagnosed with CTE post-mortem). You can read more details in a story from AP’s Barry Wilner by clicking HERE.

We’ve uploaded both filings along with Appendices to Scribd to make it easy to view, print and download. You can click on the Full Screen button in the lower right corner of each document window for easier reading (just hit the Small Screen icon in the upper right corner to close).


Order Granting Quasi Judicial Immunity issued June 14 2017 on Scribd


Status Report Joint-First Claims on NFL Concussion Lawsuit on Scribd


Status Report Exhibit A – Declaration of Claims Adminstrator Orran Brown on Scribd


Exhibit B – Garretson Resolution Group Declaration Re: BAP and Medical Liens on Scribd


Updates on the Concussion Settlement — 3 Comments

  1. John Houser

    QUESTION: Where can I find the online “Concussion Settlement” registration form?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    John Houser
    L.A.Rams: 1957-’59, Right Guard
    Dallas Cowboys: 1960-’62, Center & Guard
    St Louis Football Cardinals: 1963, Guard & Center

  2. Don Brady

    It will be interesting to find out:

    1 • The actual number of players who qualify – and also don’t qualify – for financial benefits;

    2 • The specific monies received by each player who meets the eligibility standards; and

    3 • If a detailed and clearly written determination rationale is or is not provided to each applicant.

    My hunch is that there will be a substantial number of disappointed individuals: The players who don’t qualify, along with those who do qualify and receive significantly less monies than anticipated.

    Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  3. RobertinSeattle

    They won’t name the two players who were qualified for settlement but apparently one had ALS and the other had CTE. Don’t forget that there was even a cutoff date set for CTE diagnosis so other players’ families who get diagnosed post-mortem later with CTE may well not qualify. And with the likelihood of a CTE test for living players, that’s why they wanted to omit as much CTE diagnoses as early as possible without going to trial or discovery.

    And you have to wonder if the ALS player may well have been Kevin Turner in an attempt to quiet them down? There weren’t that many openly diagnosed and listed cases prior to their arbitrary deadline for CTE diagnoses.

    And here’s a short piece from Mike Florio over at PFT (ProFootballTalk):


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