Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan

EDITOR’S NOTE: We just received this update from Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan so posting it now to keep everyone informed!

To my fellow retired players –

The Dryer v. NFL Settlement Agreement called for NFL payments of $50 million. The majority – about $42 million – will be paid over 8 years into a non-profit Common Good Entity to benefit retired players by donating to other charities and health/welfare organizations for specific charitable purposes including medical research, medical screenings, mental health programs, wellness programs, career transition and health/dental insurance. It also established an agency to license retired player publicity rights, the original subject of the Dryer litigation.

The Common Good Entity and Licensing Agency are managed by the Pro Football Retired Players Association with a Board made up of retired players. They decide where the money is used and how the Licensing Agency operates.

The first use of Common Good funds since the settlement is the PFRPA Dental Plan. It is a Met Life Dental Insurance Plan offering two levels of coverage: A Basic Plan for retired players with less than 3 credited NFL seasons and an Enhanced Plan for those with more credited years.

The Enhanced Plan covers 100% of “preventative” care (cleaning, x-rays), 70% of “basic” care (fillings, extractions) and 50% of “major services” (crowns, bridges, dentures, implants) to an annual maximum of $2000, with a $25 annual deductible on basic and major care.

The Basic Plan (Under 3 credited seasons) has a $750/year maximum, $75 annual deductible on basic care and no major services care. Neither plan has an enrollment fee. There is more to research, like use of in-network and out-of-network dentists but on balance the program is a benefit we did not have before the Dryer class action, and there is little downside to enrolling if you are a Class Member. The Met Life customer service number for more info is (855) 497-6675.

(If you have other questions about the dental plan, you can also call Joseph Agbasi, Senior Director PFRPA at (202) 350-3287).

Dental benefits may only last until the NFL settlement payments end in about 6 years unless the PFRPA develops other adequate revenue.

Notice of the dental benefit was not sent to the 2,000+ players who opted out of the Dryer v. NFL settlement but they can still opt back into the settlement and participate in the dental plan. The Opt-In Form is a release which grants use of the player’s “image and likeness” to the PFRPA licensing agency. I hope to see it clarified soon to apply the same terms as presently applied to Dryer v. NFL settlement class members.

I hope this helps.

And thanks, Robert, for keeping us informed on important issues for fellow retired players!

Bob Stein
Kansas City Chiefs, LA Rams,
Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers
1969 – 1976

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