NFL Films Settlement Dental Plan

A couple of players have reached out to me and asked about a notification letter they just received from the Pro Football Retired Players Association. The letter included membership information for a dental plan provided by MetLife as part of the settlement, apparently for the life of the settlement.

I sure don’t remember any dental plan as part of the settlement but hey – if it’s included, why not?

If any attorneys or players can provide more details on this, please feel free to share what you know.

Here’s a copy of the letter (just click on the letter to enlarge for easier reading and hit ESC to close). Name is covered to protect the innocent.


NFL Films Settlement Dental Plan — 1 Comment

  1. Roman Gabriel

    Never heard of that either!

    Roman Gabriel
    16-Year Vet, RG18
    LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles
    1962 – 1978

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