Hernandez CTE Lawsuit Against NFL and Patriots

And here is the 18-page lawsuit filed in US District Court in Massachusetts by the Baez Law Firm on behalf of the Hernandez family and estate late last week against the NFL and the New England Patriots.

This lawsuit may come with Unintended Consequences for all sides involved and I suspect it will also evolve and  change as it progresses. At this early stage, it’s interesting to note who is currently omitted so far that may end up getting added later as things progress:

Riddell – The “Official Helmet of the NFL” was also included in the original concussion lawsuits and was probably the helmet of choice throughout Aaron Hernandez’s career starting at the age of 9. Which then also leads us to:

Pop Warner/Pee Wee football – His long and early history of starting at such a young age will be something that will certainly be explored by both sides. And it’s interesting to note how concussion suits don’t include high school,

University of Florida – Received a full scholarship to play for the Gators where he was eventually drafted by the Patriots in his fourth year. Hernandez already had well-documented serious problems during his college days.

It seems clear that their lawyers want to focus on his NFL career that started in his early 20’s. Doubtful if the League is going to allow that.

We’ve uploaded this 18-page suit to Scrbd to make it easier to print and download. You can also enlarge this document for easier viewing by clicking on the Enlarge button in the lower right corner (and hit ESC to get out of Full Screen mode).

Aaron Hernandez Estate CTE Lawsuit Against NFL & New England Patriots on Scribd

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