It’s Always About the Money!

And this is what I’ve talked with so many of you retired players about over the years. Can’t say it any better: It’s always about the money!

The football colleges continue to scout for football talent and offer them scholarships to get them on board their money machines. Of course, based on NCAA rules, college athletes are not allowed to make any money. Because that would be “unethical.” No salaries. No disability benefits. No endorsements. But you did get a football scholarship!

Never mind that each of these colleges make millions from broadcast revenues, ticket sales, licensing and products because of these athletes who actually do all the work. Generally, the majority of college players are given scholarships for one thing and one thing only: Their football skills and contribution to their teams. And sadly – as most of you have also shared with me – when any players get permanently injured, the majority of them will lose their scholarships. Of course, there are a few of you who managed to make the most of your scholarships and went on to careers that your college degrees provided.

I still recall a dinner conversation many years ago with a college professor at one of the big football universities out East. He told me his own stories about how his tenure was held back for years because of his insistence that students actually needed to attend his classes as part of their curriculum. Lots of arguments with the Dean and the coaches over the years for not simply passing these football students. (BTW – He was professor of American Cinema and the football players signed up for his classes assuming they’d be spending most of their time watching movies in his lecture hall! You can imagine the uproar when he failed many of them because they never even showed up for his classes!)

And keep in mind, colleges were always supposed to be academic institutions and not money-making athletic institutions. They’re not supposed to be profitable businesses. WSU (Washington State University) is planning to make huge cuts to most of its arts programs while completely protecting its moneymaking athletic program.

P.S. – Let’s not forget the closet moneymaker that the NCAA and the NFL don’t want to include: Gambling.

Fuck Washington State University For Choosing Football Over Academics

by Rich Smith Oct 26, 2017 at 10:00 am

On Monday, Washington State University president Kirk Schulz announced massive budget cuts in a letter to students and faculty. He instructed every department to “reduce its spending by 2.5 percent,” and promised to “eliminate and restructure some positions” in Performing Arts, Student Affairs, academic colleges, Athletics, and Finance and Administration, all in effort to eventually eliminate the university’s $30 million deficit.

He specifically called out the school’s the Multicultural Student Services unit and the Office of Equity and Diversity as programs the university needs to scrap due to lack of permanent funds, never mind the fact that, according to the Daily Evergreen, Schulz plans “to bring in more money by enrolling more international students.” Cutting resources the college will need to support the college’s own fucking plan to get back on track financially is just the kind of backward bullshit you’d expect from a place that spent its way to football relevancy,” according to USA Today. But more on that in a second.

Schulz also specifically cited the Performing Arts program as a drain on the school’s reserve fund, saying that it has “contributed significantly to the cultural richness of our community” but that its $1.6 million price tag, which was the cost to run the program for seven years, is too high.

Meanwhile, WSU head football coach Mike Leach is the highest paid state employee in Washington, pulling in $3,016,700 last year alone, which amounts to a raise of $166,700 from the year before.

You can read the rest of this honest post on The Stranger – click HERE. And no apologies for the language! Ha!


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  1. George Visger

    Yep – It’s always about the money. At an academic institution, such as, let’s just say Washington State, which was a joke regarding its football program not long ago, if academics were truly its focus (it IS an academic institution), how is it the coach of a “game”, makes twice as much as its president?

    NFL is no better.

    36 years after surviving 3 emergency VP shunt bran surgeries in 10 months during and immediately after the ’81 season, I’m headed for my 5th trial (won all so far), just to get my medical bills paid. Medical bills from the last 6 of my 9 and counting brain surgeries, many from over 25 years ago.

    George Visger
    Super Bowl XVI
    San Francisco 49ers

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