Does Anyone Know Who Chris Seeger Works For?

These clips speak for themselves. Thanks to our anonymous friend player justice on YouTube!

And Seeger’s statement following the meeting:

“Since the settlement became effective in January, 20,376 individuals have registered for benefits and more than 2,100 baseline assessment appointments have been scheduled. Since the Court approved the Appeals Advisory Panel in May, more than 140 monetary awards have been approved in excess of $200 million.

“Despite this significant progress, some retired NFL players have raised concerns about the claims approval process, and we agree it is not yet operating as efficiently or seamlessly as it should. We made significant strides yesterday — thanks to the guidance and leadership of Judge Brody and the special masters — in addressing these issues. We are confident the independent claims administrator will be able to accelerate the review rate of claims over the coming months.

“Additionally, we discussed ways to address some suspect or fraudulent submissions, which were contributing to the backlog of claims. Mechanisms are now in place to better identify these submissions, which are also being investigated by federal prosecutors and law enforcement, so they do not slow down the review of meritorious claims.

“Finally, we told Judge Brody that we will seek relief from the court if there is any attempt by the NFL to undermine this settlement. Retired NFL players and their families had to wait too long for these benefits, and we understand their frustration and skepticism. We are confident that the claims approval process will improve and accelerate and this settlement will fulfill its promise.”


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  1. Troy Johnson

    Is he supposed to be with the players?

    Troy Johnson
    Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers,
    Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers
    1986 – 1990

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