Larry Kaminski: Still Waiting…

This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated by the NFL and NFLPA against all former players, especially those guys from back in the day and who need help the most today.

And where is Drew Brees, the great humanitarian, when guys need support? He is another modern-day hypocrite ball player.

Meanwhile, the lawyers are too busy fighting over how to split up the huge upfront gift the NFL dangled in front of their noses to give a crap about the players!

Larry Kaminski
Denver Broncos
1966 – 1973

Ten months after NFL concussion settlement, most players haven’t seen a dime

November 10 at 11:29 AM

More than 10 months since the NFL’s high-profile concussion settlement with retired players, only a small percentage of those who have made claims have received monetary awards, with many claiming the process has been flawed and others defending it as necessarily deliberate.

Before the settlement went into effect in January after more than a year’s worth of objections and delays, attorneys for the class of former players had estimated for the court that they expected 665 settlement claims to be paid out in the first year of an agreement many estimated would eventually cost the NFL more than $1 billion.

Thus far, just 140 notices of monetary awards have been issued and around $100 million has been distributed.

“The current administrative structure of the claims process is flawed, cumbersome, and moves at a glacial pace,” attorney Thomas Girardi, who represents more than 500 former players, said in one recent court filing.

You can read the rest of this Washington Post article by clicking HERE.


Larry Kaminski: Still Waiting… — 3 Comments

  1. Bob Grant - Uncle Moki

    This is about $$$$. It’s about BUSINESS! Why is anyone surprised that everyone is either GRABBING or working to HOLD ON TO this money. I am just watching.

    Hopefully things will turn out reasonably well but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

    I’m glad that I opted out!

    Bob Grant
    Baltimore Colts
    Washington Redskins
    1986 – 1971

  2. Tom Beer

    On November 11th, remembering the military’s mantra over the years:

    Delay, Deny and Hope They Die.

    The NFL couldn’t care less for the plight of retired players either.

    Tom Beer
    Denver Broncos, New England Patriots
    1967 – 1973

  3. George Visger brain scans

    I hear you, Larry.

    Not only am I waiting patiently to see IF I even qualify for anything after my 9 NFL-caused emergency VP shunt brain surgeries. I’m now heading into my FIFTH F*cking Workers Comp trial against the 49ers carrier, The Travelers, just to get my bills since 2012 paid; despite the fact that I originally beat them in a court trial in 1985 proving when I developed hydrocephalus and survived 3 brain surgeries during the ’81 Super Bowl season. It was a work-related injury!

    Thirty-six years later, we head to trial this Monday for a so-called “Settlement Agreement“ just so I can finally access more live-in treatment at The Center for Neuro Skills.

    The 49ers slime bag Workers Comp carrier and their attorneys have stolen a play out of the NFL’s Delay-Deny-and-Hope-They-Die playbook.

    George Visger
    Super Bowl XVI
    San Francisco 49ers
    ’80 & ’81
    Wildlife Biologist/ Traumatic Brain Injury Consultant
    The Visger Group

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