Objection Letter to Judge Brody

NOTE: This form is now disabled as the meeting time has passed. Thanks for sending all your emails!

This form will be sent as an email to Judge Brody’s office to communicate your objections to the closed-door conference to be held on Mon. Nov 13, 2017. You can read our earlier posts on this secret hearing – just click HERE and HERE.

EDITOR’S NOTE: When you click Submit, this will be sent as an e-mail to Judge Brody’s office with your name and e-mail address. We’ll also get an archive copy for our archives. Let’s get as many guys to write her before the hearing on Monday morning!

P.S. – You only need to click the Submit button once!


Objection Letter to Judge Brody — 3 Comments

  1. And let’s not forget just how much of a payoff Seeger is looking to carve out of the initial lawyers’ fees for himself that the NFL dangled in front of their noses to get them to accept the original Settlement Offer.

    And all without the thousands of players who signed up with OTHER attorneys. Seeger’s client numbers are underwhelming.


  2. Ron Pritchard

    I opted out of the settlement. And THIS is why!

    This smells bad and players get left out. What a shame!

    Ron Pritchard
    Houston Oilers &
    Cincinnati Bengals
    1969 – 1977

  3. Troy Johnson

    Another tactic to exclude players from the clandestine meeting. Really?

    Troy Johnson
    Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers,
    Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers
    1986 – 1990

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