When Things Start to Smell Funny…

Interesting week and it’s still not over yet. On Friday, Locks Law Firm, Zimmerman Reed, Girardi Keese, Goldberg Persky White, McCorvey Law and Pope McGlamry filed letters of objection with Judge Anita Brody. This was to protest the short notice and closed hearing that Judge Brody filed this Wednesday regarding an “update meeting” to be held only with Chris Seeger, the NFL attorneys, as well as the Special Masters overseeing the Settlement. NO plaintiffs were included either! (Read that earlier post and those filings by clicking HERE.)

Then this got slipped into the qualification rules on Wednesday but did not officially show up in the system until late Friday (and a government holiday for Remembrance Day on Saturday) via electronic filing. Sounds like NFL Disability Testing Rules 101 all over again. (Good find, Sheilla Dingus!)

So here’s the objection letter from Locks:

Locks Letter to Judge Brody RE: Closed Hearing on Scribd

And here’s the letter from Zimmerman Reed et al:

Joint Counsel Letter from Zimmerman Reed RE: Closed Hearing on Scribd

Remember when we gathered the long list of Opt Outs a couple of years ago? Looks like we’re going to have to collect names from all of you again to let Judge Brody know that as Plaintiffs in this class action, you are asserting your right to participate in an open and transparent process and you object to this non-compliant closed hearing. But we have to move quickly because this closed hearing is scheduled for Monday morning Nov. 13, 2017!

Watch for a form and other ways to make sure that your name is included and submitted to Judge Brody before Monday morning. We’ll have it up on Saturday morning!

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