Fighting Back — 1 Comment

  1. John Houser

    Have you heard that SOB GEORGE SOROS is now in KAHOOTS with the NFLPA? And the NFLPA is contributing many $K’s to SOROS’s Socialist “So-Called” Community Organization Groups? You may also recall that George Soros has been for many years the #1 Sponsor of our former POTUS Barack Obama whose reputation included corrupting our country’s economy.

    So now that SOROS has his clutches into the NFLPA, you can bet your sweet ass it’ll be going down the drain by adapting Communist/Socialist, UN-American promotions and activities that will continue corruption in the NFL Players Union.

    John Houser
    Los Angeles Rams, 1957 – 1959
    Dallas Cowboys, 1960 – 1962
    St Louis Cardinals 1963

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