It’s Always About the Money!

And this is what I’ve talked with so many of you retired players about over the years. Can’t say it any better: It’s always about the money! The football colleges continue to scout for football talent and offer them scholarships … Continue reading

Hernandez CTE Lawsuit Against NFL and Patriots

And here is the 18-page lawsuit filed in US District Court in Massachusetts by the Baez Law Firm on behalf of the Hernandez family and estate late last week against the NFL and the New England Patriots. This lawsuit may … Continue reading

How the NCAA Really Works

In recent years, there has been a lot more coverage on the one-sided scam called the NCAA and the way college athletics recruits are used to fund the billion-dollar industry of college sports under the pretense of a college scholarship. … Continue reading

NCAA Concussion Settlement Offer

EDITOR’S NOTE: (posted at 7:10 pm PST) Just received some additional information and clarification on this settlement offer from several sources who have been involved on different sides of the original suit (PPS – Some additional notes also got added … Continue reading

Best Take on NCAA During “March Sadness”

Players getting screwed starts long before they enter the NFL. I don’t generally agree with John Oliver but If you had any doubt that college athletes should be paid, you won’t after you watch Oliver’s recent rant on HBO’s Last … Continue reading

Don Brady on Concussions during Playoff Weekend

With the NFC and AFC games leading to Super Bowl, as well as NCAA football heading into the College playoffs this weekend, Dr. Don Brady was a guest on WSYR Syracuse for an all-too-short half hour interview on concussions and brain injuries. … Continue reading

Oxymoron of the Year: Safer Football

Talk about covering all the bases. A story came out on TIME magazine this week following the suicide of another college football player, Kosta Karageorge, following some depression and strange behavior as reported by his family. The article cites a new … Continue reading