Larry Kaminski has Something to Say to His Union

Our friend, retired Bronco, Larry Kaminski (Denver Broncos 1966 – 1973) was as surprised as most of us to discover what the NFLPA – YOUR Union – has been doing with your money. (Our post from yesterday – click HERE … Continue reading

Almost Forgot! NFLPA 2015 – 2016 LM-2

Forgot to check on the Dept of Labor’s posts for annual LM-2’s and sure enough, the NFLPA’s latest filing was on May 27, 2016. So once again, your Union at work for you retired players. It looks like membership is … Continue reading

Sean Morey: Questions for the NFLPA

Well, the election for Executive Director of the NFLPA is coming up this weekend and for the first time, the slate of candidates is not limited to a few candidates. Going up against incumbent DeMaurice Smith are Jason Belser (NFLPA’s senior director … Continue reading

2014 NFLPA Dept of Labor LM-2

How could we resist? The NFLPA’s 2014 LM-2 filed with the Dept. of Labor has finally become publicly available. Lots of good reading here. The player payments section seems to be larger than in past distributions and of course, expenses … Continue reading

NFL Déja Vu

. I received my latest Retirement Plan notification today that the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan was underfunded once again. All pension plans are required by federal law to inform its beneficiaries about such events or else most … Continue reading

Bruce Laird: Mixed Messages

EDITOR’S NOTE: Fourth & Goal’s Bruce Laird sent in his comments and observations after reading the recent ESPN article from last Friday, Mixed Messages on Brain Injuries. (Click HERE to read the post that includes a link to the article.) … Continue reading

NFLPA: Our Way or the Highway

Another inside look at how the NFLPA functions at its core particularly when it comes to retired players: Bruce Laird spent many years alongside Sam Havrilak as officers of the local chapter for the NFLPA in Baltimore. And during many … Continue reading

Why They Pay DeMaurice Smith the Big Bucks

This is a copy of a handout given out by the NFLPA to show their great work to Certified Contract Advisors at the annual Sports Lawyers Association conference recently held in San Diego CA. . So if they did such … Continue reading

Want More Info on Retired Players’ “Benefits”?

Over the past couple of weeks, absolutely nothing of any serious significance or substance out of the NFLPA regarding retired players pensions especially that new Legacy Fund, other than a lot of the same chest-thumping and empty rhetoric that everyone … Continue reading

NFLPA Propaganda: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

. EDITOR’S NOTE: This first e-mail was just added on Saturday afternoon: . … Continue reading

John Hogan: My Notes from the Symposium and Dead Cows

Guys, . A few comments from the notes I took down during the Santa Clara Law Sports Law Symposium: . I was able to catch De alone for a few minutes outside at the coffee urn. He acted like he … Continue reading

On the Road with George Visger

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Visger caught up with me on the phone this morning just before arriving at a job site. George is back at work trying hard to help his family recover from losing their home after suffering another near-fatal … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick Reports from the Santa Clara Sports Law Symposium

Posted with the express consent of Irv Muchnick: . Notes on NFLPA Boss DeMaurice Smith at Santa Clara Sports Law Symposium Published September 8th, 2011 . … Continue reading

DeMaurice Smith: Do As I Say and Not as I Do

EDITOR’S NOTE: Disability Attorney John Hogan is in flight on his way once again to the Second Annual Sports Law Symposium being held at Santa Clara Law campus. This year’s theme will cover Intensifying Sports Law Issues: Concussions, Steroids, Labor … Continue reading

Mediation Expected for Retired Players Suit

Judge Susan Nelson’s court in Minneapolis MN just ordered parties to the earlier enjoined lawsuits to a case management conference on Aug. 10, 2011. What’s interesting to note is that Judge Nelson anticipates ordering all parties to bring participants who … Continue reading