Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan

EDITOR’S NOTE: We just received this update from Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan so posting it now to keep everyone informed! To my fellow retired players – The Dryer v. NFL Settlement Agreement called for NFL payments … Continue reading

Update on Dryer vs NFL Films: NFL Files for Summary Judgment

The NFL moved for summary judgment and the Dryer plaintiffs moved for partial summary judgment.  The Plaintiffs’ brief was filed under seal so it’s currently not available publicly yet. There is a hearing set for October 2, 2014 at 9 … Continue reading

Your Opt Out Opt Out Options?

. By now, many of you who submitted your Opt Out paperwork in the Dryer vs NFL Films proposed Settlement Offer have received your 2-page form just in case you might be confused or changed your minds. Mine arrived last … Continue reading

You REALLY Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

A new copy of Hausfeld’s “The Voice” went out yesterday with a copy of Judge Magnuson’s order from the week before. We posted that order in an earlier post – click HERE to read the Judge’s full order from Sept. … Continue reading

SIX vs ZERO: Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original six plaintiffs in the NFL (Films) Lawsuit just released their official overview on why they remain opposed to the proposed Settlement Offer. . Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement By Fred Dryer, Elvin Bethea, Dan Pastorini, … Continue reading

Just Say NO! Another Bite at a Rotten Apple

In any game, you know you have everyone’s attention when your opponents always have to resort to cheating and stacking the deck. If there ever was a great example of “Desperate people do desperate things,” you’ve been watching it unfold … Continue reading

Opt Out NOW or Forever Lose Your Rights

We’re coming up fast on one of the most important dates in our careers as former football players. On August 30th, our right to Opt Out of the NFL Films Settlement Offer expires. We posted a countdown clock in the … Continue reading

Spencer Kopf: Making an Informed Decision for Yourself

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell . At the request of pre-1993 former NFL players, I have decided to write an opinion regarding certain matters pertaining to the settlement offer … Continue reading

Too Important Not to Post

How timely. This article just came out in the New York Times yesterday. In all too many cases, you merely have to change the names of the lawyers and it all ends up the same story. We had to post … Continue reading

Fred Dryer on Why the NFL Films Settlement Stinks

Most retired players and fans remember Fred Dryer (NY Giants, LA Rams 1969 – 1981). As the original lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Films, Fred and the other five co-plaintiffs have watched as the lawsuit … Continue reading

September’s Going to be Hot!

EDITOR’S NOTE: September looks like it’s probably going to be a very hot month for the NFL, with two important hearings in two separate lawsuits. . All objections and Opt Outs against the NFL Films Settlement offer have to be … Continue reading

Objections Filed in Dryer vs NFL Films Settlement Offer

Objections against the NFL Films Settlement offer have been arriving at the court in Minnesota. Here are a couple of recent examples. . Former tight end and Super Bowl champion (New England Patriots 2004) Jed Weaver’s letter to the court … Continue reading

NFL: Making Up Their Own Rules as They Go

. Is it just us or do these people at the NFL (and the NFLPA) always live by a completely different set of rules that only apply to them? We’ve had every dirty trick in the book thrown at us … Continue reading

Rick Eber: Why I’m Opting Out

Dave, . Here are my thoughts and decisions related to the Publicity Rights settlement proposal. . I have decided to exclude myself from the proposed settlement for the following reasons: . 1. I detest the emotional extortion or guilt built … Continue reading

How Stupid Do They Think Retired Players Are?

Well, it’s been over a week since we were last threatened by Dan Gustafson’s office. And the paperwork citing your options has now gone out to all those retired players that can be located. At least that’s what one would … Continue reading