Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan

EDITOR’S NOTE: We just received this update from Bob Stein on the NFL Films Dental Plan so posting it now to keep everyone informed! To my fellow retired players – The Dryer v. NFL Settlement Agreement called for NFL payments … Continue reading

NFL Films Settlement Dental Plan

A couple of players have reached out to me and asked about a notification letter they just received from the Pro Football Retired Players Association. The letter included membership information for a dental plan provided by MetLife as part of … Continue reading

The Violent World of Sam Huff

Walter Cronkite introduces the Life of a Linebacker from an early reality show back in 1960 – The violent world of Sam Huff (New York Giants, 1956-1964, Washington Redskins 1964-1969, Hall of Fame Linebacker). How many of you retired players … Continue reading

Latest Ruling in Dryer vs NFL Films

A setback from the Circuit Appeals Court in Minnesota in the ongoing Dryer vs NFL Films lawsuit. Uploaded to Scribd for easy viewing and downloading. Dryer vs NFL Films Circuit Court Ruling Feb 2016 … Continue reading

Judgment from Appeals Court in NFL/NFL Films Lawsuit

THIS JUST IN: A 3-judge panel just issued an opinion and judgment on the appeal by players/plaintiffs to the earlier settlement offer from the League. We uploaded the letter from the court along with the full 33-page ruling to Scribd for easy … Continue reading

Game On! NFL Films Trial Update

Does anyone still remember the Dryer vs NFL Films lawsuit? We had thousands of retired players filing their Opt Out forms with the court after the NFL submitted their “best” offer which included stealing all your image rights for life … Continue reading

You Never Know What You Had… Until You Pull Back the Curtain

By Dorothy’s friend (Toto) Human nature is a predictable thing. You can count on it like the seasons. Sooner or later, Summer turns into Fall, Fall turns into Winter. It is predictable by turns and can vary from time to … Continue reading

Concussion Collision

. So the end of September has come and gone. No sign of any details on that incredible once-in-a-lifetime $765 million proposed settlement offer to retired players for concussion damages that was supposed to have been available by the end … Continue reading

Just Trust Us…

. The courts in the Dryer vs NFL Films lawsuit could not have done a better job of making a bad situation worse by enabling the NFL and its crew of lawyers to muddy up the waters even more by … Continue reading

Your Opt Out Opt Out Options?

. By now, many of you who submitted your Opt Out paperwork in the Dryer vs NFL Films proposed Settlement Offer have received your 2-page form just in case you might be confused or changed your minds. Mine arrived last … Continue reading

You REALLY Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

A new copy of Hausfeld’s “The Voice” went out yesterday with a copy of Judge Magnuson’s order from the week before. We posted that order in an earlier post – click HERE to read the Judge’s full order from Sept. … Continue reading

SIX vs ZERO: Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original six plaintiffs in the NFL (Films) Lawsuit just released their official overview on why they remain opposed to the proposed Settlement Offer. . Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement By Fred Dryer, Elvin Bethea, Dan Pastorini, … Continue reading

Just Say NO! Another Bite at a Rotten Apple

In any game, you know you have everyone’s attention when your opponents always have to resort to cheating and stacking the deck. If there ever was a great example of “Desperate people do desperate things,” you’ve been watching it unfold … Continue reading

California Workers Comp Closing

While we’ve been vehemently opposed to Ron Mix on his stance to promote the proposed NFL Films Settlement offer as one of the named Plaintiffs, we’ve also worked with Ron to inform retired players of the impending changes to California … Continue reading

Now THIS is What a Real Opt Out Complaint Looks Like!

While the conjecture and speculation about the NFL Concussion lawsuit is taking front stage to close this crazy week, Jason Luckasevic and Jason Shipp at Goldberg Persky & White still managed to file Opt Out forms for 564 retired players … Continue reading