Everything Makes Sense Now

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. The NFL’s been hooked on painkillers all along according to newly-opened court documents. Now Roger … Continue reading

Marijuana and the NFL

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. So many retired players I’ve met over the years have told me about the NFL’s … Continue reading

James Harrison is Pissed at the NFL: Here’s Why

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Been away for a few weeks but definitely noticed some of the off-season noise on … Continue reading

From 2014: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 2

And here’s Season 2 of GQ’s Casualties of the Gridiron. Has anything changed for retired players? Do players expect things to get any better with the so-called NFL concussion lawsuit settlement? … Continue reading

From 2013: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 1

Back in 2013, GQ produced a documentary that followed several retired NFL players on their journey after leaving the game. The long-term effects of injuries to their bodies and their brains has serious impacts not only on them but their … Continue reading

Larry Kaminski Says It All

Last week, Larry Kaminski (Denver Broncos 1966 – 1973) sat down and wrote a long overdue letter about his life during and after playing professional football in the NFL. This was sent out to his state representatives among others (including … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The Evil Genius of the NFL Concussion Settlement

Ken McClain figured the National Football League was preparing to screw his clients. Question was: Just how badly? A Kansas City-based attorney, McClain represents two dozen former professional football players in their mid-30s to 60s whom he says suffer from … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The Devil is in the Details

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sports Journalist, Patrick Hruby, wrote an exceptionally detailed overview of the preliminary approval of the NFL Concussion settlement offer yesterday and we’ve been given permission to post his article here for the retired players to read. Patrick analyzes … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: Don’t Settle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one of the more insightful pieces on the proposed settlement offer from NFL to the retired players’ concussion lawsuits. Re-posted from Sports on Earth with permission from Patrick Hruby. . . Don’t Settle . . Eleanor … Continue reading

Hypocrite of the Decade

. What was it that Deion Sanders said a while back about how other retired players are whining because concussions don’t exist? Here’s our earlier post along with accompanying comments – click HERE to read our earlier post. . … Continue reading

Evan Weiner: “Fraudsters” and Surveillance and Sports

EDITOR’S NOTE: While Evan’s most recent story looks mostly at MLB, there are obvious repercussions when you consider the upcoming HGH testing agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA. And the idea of just how much power each League has … Continue reading

IFV 2013: Life Inside the Real NFL Family

Brain concussions. CTE. Alcohol and drugs. Take these issues that have only recently become more openly discussed along with 101 more ingredients in family life and you have a very complicated recipe for making a family work (or not). Family … Continue reading

IFV 2013: NFL (Alumni) Now Promoting Drug Trials?

In the past week, we’ve been flooded with a large-scale press campaign from the long-quiet NFL Alumni about a new drug trial that has an incredible range of claims ranging from antidepressant benefits to new brain stem cell generation. The … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: George Visger & The NFL’s Propaganda Machine

Our friend Patrick Hruby has been busy of late. Patrick spent some one-on-one time with George Visger a few weeks ago to pull together one of the most detailed stories of George’s life in the NFL and after the NFL. … Continue reading

Wayne Radloff: How NFL “Benefits” Really Work

First of all, best of luck to Deion Sanders, who is such a brilliant genius that he doesn’t expect any cognitive problems in his future. Good luck with the child support, hope you don’t tell your next wife about the … Continue reading