Warren Sapp on Concussions

Hall-of-Famer Warren Sapp (1995 – 2007 • Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Oakland Raiders) tells it like it is about football and concussions. Knowing what he knows now about brain injuries, Sapp wants his brain diagnosed for CTE when he passes … Continue reading

The Speech Sydney Seau was NOT Allowed to Make at Hall of Fame

This was the speech Sydney wanted to give in honor of her father, Junior Seau, at this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame induction yesterday. … Continue reading

REAL Shaming Works!

Funny how real shaming works. First the NFL and all the lawyers who had the most to gain from the phony concussion settlement tried to stir up some of the players and their families into shaming those who had the guts to … Continue reading

Is It Just an NFL Crisis?

An update from ABC This Week on Football’s Concussion Crisis – with a Who’s Who guest list: … Continue reading

Why You Need to Opt Out of the NFL Settlement NOW!

EDITOR’S NOTE: YOU MUST OPT OUT NOW! It started with a message from Joe DeLamielleure and then Fred Dryer, Ed White and Elvin Bethea joined him to let everyone how important it is to Opt Out of the NFL Films … Continue reading

Spencer Kopf: Making an Informed Decision for Yourself

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell . At the request of pre-1993 former NFL players, I have decided to write an opinion regarding certain matters pertaining to the settlement offer … Continue reading

Spencer Kopf: Facts and Not Fiction in the History of the NFLPA

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend, Spencer Kopf, called in and was miffed to read an e-mail from Jeff Nixon that described the NFLPA’s great historical contributions to advancing the livelihood of its players. The story was just that: A story. The … Continue reading

Bob Lurtsema: Lipstick on a Pig

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this first-hand report from retired player, Bob Lurtsema, who was one of the “uninvited players” who showed up last week along with Bob Stein and many of the Plaintiffs in the NFL Films lawsuit Status Conference. … Continue reading

Concussion News – October 2012

Hall of Famer Harry Carson stirred things up in a recent interview with CBS, telling them, “Regret? I’m not going to say regret. But if I had to do it all over again, I would not have played.” . . … Continue reading

Elvin Bethea: My Request to Michael Hausfeld

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this comment along with the attached e-mails from Hall of Famer Elvin Bethea (Houston Oilers 1968 – 1983) requesting that we post this on Dave’s Blog. While we do not wish to take one side or … Continue reading

Joe DeLamielleure’s Letter to Congressman John Conyers

  Dear Mr. Conyers, My name is Joe DeLamielleure and I am a retired NFL player. I have sent you emails before about the situation with our union and the state of our disability/pensions. I am happy to see that … Continue reading