An End to Thursday Night Football?

After a very painful 22 – 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks are tallying up their injuries and losses off the field, leading to a lot of discussion on whether this added night … Continue reading

Strokes: What did They Know and When Did They Know it?

As a few of my closest friend already know, I ended up in ICU exactly 2 weeks ago because of a hemorrhagic stroke. Totally unexpected and caught everyone off-guard – especially me! I was fortunate for many reasons, one of … Continue reading

Here’s the 2017 NFLPA LM-2

Here we go with this year’s LM-2 filing for the NFLPA just released at the end of May. 525 pages this year! Quick Glance: They now report 9,065 members compared to last year’s total of 6,542 members. And they closed … Continue reading

Why Football Will Never Go Away

With so much attention finally being placed on concussions and lawsuits, there has been a lot of discussion about the end of football (and many other professional sports). And the NFL is a $13 billion industry today (and projected to … Continue reading

Aaron Gordon: Battle for Benefits PART 3

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Part 3 of Aaron Gordon’s 3-part series on VICE Sports on what happens to the older retired players after they retire from their years on the gridiron. Joe DeLamielleure was one of the toughest guys on the field for 13 years … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: ‘It Feels Like the Game is Rigged’

EDITOR’S NOTE: Patrick Hruby has gone deeper into the lurid details of the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer than any other journalist we know. With the “Fairness Hearing” scheduled for tomorrow morning in Judge Brody’s court in Philadelphia, we wanted … Continue reading

George Visger: What Can I Really Expect from the Settlement?

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Visger has been considering what he will potentially receive from the NFL Concussion Settlement offer based on the rules they’ve proposed in their final offer. Many of you already know about George’s lifelong struggle with brain injuries … Continue reading

Want numbers? We got numbers! NFL Actuarial Studies for the Concussion Lawsuit

We just found copies of the actuarial studies that were filed earlier this week by the NFL with the court and being analyzed by the media. We hope to have more of our own analysis from our legal experts as … Continue reading

SIX vs ZERO: Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original six plaintiffs in the NFL (Films) Lawsuit just released their official overview on why they remain opposed to the proposed Settlement Offer. . Why We Oppose the NFL Settlement By Fred Dryer, Elvin Bethea, Dan Pastorini, … Continue reading

IFV 2013: A Lot Happens in a Week!

Wow! A lot has happened in the past week as we’ve been preparing for our upcoming Conference! We’re edging closer to the vote on AB 1309 in California which will disqualify most professional athletes from Workers Compensation claims in the … Continue reading

Charity Begins at Home

Like the old saying goes, “Charity Begins at Home.” Americans are among the most generous people in the world. Recently, a list was published that actually listed some of the top nonprofits in America and the compensation that their respective … Continue reading

Some November News: Old & New

You may remember a post we featured last year in July 2011 from Alison Owens, wife of former Charger Terry Owens (click HERE to read that post). Sadly, Terry passed away at home on October 27, 2012 at the age … Continue reading

IFV-TV: Discussion Panel on Concussions – George Visger

We started the second day of our IFV Conference last April in Las Vegas at the South Point with a panel discussing some of the latest information and studies on concussions, brain damage and current state-of-the-art treatments.  Retired 49’er George … Continue reading

Evan Weiner: Is Football Under Siege?

Posted with the express consent of Evan Weiner: THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS . Saturday, 19 May 2011 . BY EVAN WEINER NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM.COM COMMENTARY In 1905, United States President Theodore Roosevelt used the power of the bully pulpit by … Continue reading

For the Record

On Sunday, the Denver Post published an article and interview I did last week with sports journalist, Terry Frei. Over the course of our conversation which mostly covered the issues of injuries and concussions and the subsequent consequences of the … Continue reading