We’ve funded everything mostly out of our own pockets and it hasn’t been easy. The time involved with developing and maintaining a blog with running comments 24/7 requires a lot of steady dedication. And as our efforts have gradually paid off with a loyal readership that grows with each passing month, it’s brought a new set of growing pains. While they’re good problems to have, they’re still problems. Our server and bandwidth costs continue to rise as readership grows and the project has literally – and unexpectedly – evolved into a full-time effort for our publisher/editor. Along the way, we’ve taken on many side projects with other retired players and groups that also advance our common cause. But we felt it was extremely important to prove ourselves first before asking for any support.

We have a very simple Mission Statement:To inform, educate and organize retired professional football players on issues that relate to their lifestyle, benefits and pension reform, as well as to provide access to services that improve quality of life.

NOTE 2015

We stopped our application for nonprofit status a couple of years ago when we realized that donations would not even cover our expenses let alone cover the cost of the annual expense of maintaining a nonprofit. In fact, we haven’t received any donations in years. I’m keeping this page up to show that it has been up for the entire time this blog – and – have been running and it has always had a mailing address available for anyone to contact us.

Anyone who has said they could not find us or send us mail or papers has no basis in fact.

We hope that some of our readers will consider making a donation – large or small – to help us cover our ongoing expenses. Each and every donation counts and is deeply appreciated.

You can make a donation securely using your credit card (Just click the Donate button below – you will be re-directed to PayPal checkout). Your card information will be kept confidential through PayPal and you don’t need a PayPal account to send a donation.

Or you can send in your check or money order directly to us at:


Independent Football Veterans Inc.

15127 NE 24th St # 211
Redmond, WA 98052