Latest Request to Gene Upshaw

7th Request: Gene Upshaw, “I have never turned my back on a retired player.” Please contact me.

Feb. 12, 2008

Dear Gene,

Would you kindly contact me so we can discuss the following:
1) Wash Post magazine article on Super Bowl Sunday 2/3/08 (The Pain Game)
2) Mishandling of my 1983 line of duty disability; (LOD)
3) Mishandling of my 1995 total and permanent disability; (T&P)
4) Early Retirement or Early Payment Benefit

When you call, please have a copy of the Bert Bell Plan document
so we can discuss the following:

1) Section 4.6
2) Section 8.7
3) Section 6.4
4) Section 5.2

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Gene Upshaw’s Public Mis-Statements as Told to The Washington Post

From Page 26: The Washington Post Magazine February 3, 2008) – Super Bowl Sunday

Gene Upshaw: “Once he took that pension, that was it. He can’t get a disability (benefit). That’s not only the rule of the retirement plan — it’s the law.”
Michael Leahy from the Washington Post: I ask if he is certain of that.
Gene Upshaw: “Yes,” he answers. “It’s not just the NFL; it’s the law.”
But it’s not the law, says the attorney Upshaw himself retained. Lanny Davis, in a separate interview, says the NFL could grant both a pension and a right to a disability payment. “It’s discretionary,” Davis says, “which is the way it is with most corporations.”
Link to the Washington Post article HERE.

My Unanswered Requests for Assistance and Clarification from NFLPA’s Gene Upshaw

Dave spent countless hours trying to contact people within the NFL and the NFLPA about its disability and benefits programs. Up to this point, he’s received no clear answers from anyone, especially from those who are supposed to be in charge and who should know. Even worse, Gene Upshaw has taken it upon himself to take personal swipes at the very players he’s supposed to help, including re-interpreting the law on disability benefits. You’d think that with all those high-priced attorneys, someone would be able to straighten him out on Federal laws as well as provide the players with a current (old past) copies of the Plan. We’ll post a copy of Upshaw’s re-interpretation of Federal Labor Laws in a separate post to follow.

Here’s a post of Dave’s unanswered requests to Gene Upshaw to date:

6th Request: Gene Upshaw, “I have never turned my back on a retired player”

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And Sports Illustrated Jumps In

Sports Illustrated

Poor Gene Upshaw – the poor guy just can’t get a break. Nobody seems to like him so he has to cry all the way to the bank. Some players are even making it more personal as you’ll see in the article. Read Gary Smith’s Bitter Battle for the Old Guard.

Mean Gene Upshaw

Mike Ditka’s Crusade covered by CRO Magazine

CRO: Corporate Responsibility Officer. They even have a magazine with that title. But they definitely don’t have a CRO in the NFL or the NFLPA! CRO Magazine wrote a piece about Mike Ditka’s personal crusade to help the disabled retired players. The article cites more incriminating links on the incestuous role Gene Upshaw has with insiders who have no interest in anything other than the bottom line. Read Mike Ditka flags NFL on its CR Gameday.

Mike Ditka

Portland Tribune Writes about the Legal Battles





The Portland Tribune‘s Kerry Eggers writes a detailed piece before SuperBowl Sunday about the Catch-22 process that disabled retired players face before they get turned down by the NFLPA’s secretive review committee. Read Local Ex-Pro Fights NFL.

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NFLPA’s Upshaw Paid More Than 96 Percent of Current NFL Players!

Here’s a piece that was published on that gives you a better idea of how much the NFLPA’s Gene Upshaw gets paid. Let’s see: If Gene got paid $1 million a year instead, that would leave $5.6 million a year left to pay 100 disabled retired players a little over $50,000 a year. Or 200 disabled retired players a little over $25,000 a year! Just what are they paying HIM $6.6 million a year to do exactly? Not represent the players, that’s for sure! Oink Oink!

NFLPA’s Upshaw Paid More Than 96 Percent of Current NFL Players

LA Times Writes These Guys Aren’t Feeling Super

Los Angeles Times’ Sports writer, Bill Plaschke, posted a pre-game piece:

LA Times

These guys aren’t feeling super


Pain is the name of the game in NFL, mostly for former players

By Bill Plaschke|February 01, 2008

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NFL Pain – Seattle Times

Seattle_Times_logoGreg Bishop wrote a piece in the SuperBowl Sunday Sports section of The Seattle Times with an in-depth piece – Life After Football: No Game, Still Pain – on the suffering that just a few of the other NFL players have been enduring over the years. Another dramatic slideshow HERE.
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Washington Post’s Michael Leahy Visits Dave

Washington Post

  Late last year, Washington Post writer, Michael Leahy, spent several days following Dave around to see just what his life is like on a day-to-day basis. His article also appeared as a cover article in the SuperBowl Sunday edition of The Post Sunday Magazine, along with another dramatic collection of photos taken by The Post’s Brian Smale. Read The Pain Game and check out the Slideshow in the sidebar.

Dave Pear - Washington Post Brian smale

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Seattle Times SuperBowl Sunday Coverage

Seattle Times

The Seattle Times’ Stuart Eskenazi wrote a front cover piece on Dave and his plight for their Sunday Pacific Northwest Magazine that hit the newsstands on SuperBowl Sunday. They also published a series of photos from Times’ photographer, Harley Soltes, that followed Dave over a couple of days in his life. That’s where this great picture came from.

Harry soltes / Seattle Times

First Post!


Welcome! This is the first post created for Dave Pear’s Official Blog. Dave devoted his early years to playing football and achieved what most people can only dream about: He made it into the NFL as a respected defensive tackle. After graduating from the University of Washington, Dave was drafted into the NFL to play for the Baltimore Colts in 1975, then went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the expansion draft of 1976. He was the first Buccaneer selected to play in the Pro Bowl in 1978. Dave was subsequently traded to the Oakland Raiders in 1979 and in 1980 played for a winning Super Bowl XV team to earn that coveted ring.

Superbowl Ring

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Upshaw an Overpaid Hypocrite


Fact: Hypocritical Union Leaders Overpaid

AFL-CIO report neglects its own exorbitant executive compensation


Washington, DC – Today, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) called on union leaders to stop their hypocritical attack on American business. The AFL-CIO’s new “Executive Paywatch” report, which highlights the salaries of corporate executives, conveniently forgot to include the excessive pay of its own leadership. To help the AFL-CIO complete their report the CUF is making available information regarding union officials’ bloated salaries in 2005.

The Plumbers paid former General President Martin Maddaloni $1.3 million in total compensation, and Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Patchell almost $900,000 – after they were ousted for disastrous pension investments in a Florida hotel. According to the Association for Union Democracy, the buyout agreement included “salaries and benefits plus free use of cars and other perks through the end of 2006.”

AFSCME President Gerald McEntee recorded total compensation just shy of $585,000. General President of the Laborers Terence O’Sullivan made more than $528,000. National Education Association President Reg Weaver made almost $439,000.

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