Sheilla Dingus: The Lawyers’ Feeding Frenzy

We’re watching the REAL fight now that Judge Brody has declared the concussion lawsuit as a done deal. And it’s not for the retired players. If these lawyers had put in half the energy they”re now putting into their battle … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The Evil Genius of the NFL Concussion Settlement

Ken McClain figured the National Football League was preparing to screw his clients. Question was: Just how badly? A Kansas City-based attorney, McClain represents two dozen former professional football players in their mid-30s to 60s whom he says suffer from … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: ‘It Feels Like the Game is Rigged’

EDITOR’S NOTE: Patrick Hruby has gone deeper into the lurid details of the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer than any other journalist we know. With the “Fairness Hearing” scheduled for tomorrow morning in Judge Brody’s court in Philadelphia, we wanted … Continue reading

George Visger: I Should Have Opted Out

I wish I’d spoken to Patrick Hruby before changing my mind about Opting Out on the last day. Despite my 9 NFL-caused brain surgeries, which I was forced to prove in a Workers Comp court of law were caused by … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The NFL Concussion Settlement Is Pure Evil

EDITOR’S NOTE: Halloween is almost here. And once again, Patrick Hruby pulls back the curtains to expose more nasty details on the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement offer. Patrick has given us permission to post his latest findings and scare our … Continue reading

John Hogan: If it smells like…

This Blog is about the only source where retired players have been able to read about the deficiencies of the settlement from an objective source. While other sites have pushed the settlement, they do not always reveal the fact that … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: Cutting Them Short

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another deeper analysis digging into more details of the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer from Patrick Hruby. We’ve been given permission to post his article here for retired players to read. This long piece is a MUST-READ if … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The Devil is in the Details

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sports Journalist, Patrick Hruby, wrote an exceptionally detailed overview of the preliminary approval of the NFL Concussion settlement offer yesterday and we’ve been given permission to post his article here for the retired players to read. Patrick analyzes … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: Don’t Settle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one of the more insightful pieces on the proposed settlement offer from NFL to the retired players’ concussion lawsuits. Re-posted from Sports on Earth with permission from Patrick Hruby. . . Don’t Settle . . Eleanor … Continue reading

Wayne Radloff: How NFL “Benefits” Really Work

First of all, best of luck to Deion Sanders, who is such a brilliant genius that he doesn’t expect any cognitive problems in his future. Good luck with the child support, hope you don’t tell your next wife about the … Continue reading

New NIOSH Brain Injury Warning to NFL Players

Now this is a what a safety warning should look like. Larry Kaminski just received this letter and study summary from the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety*, the federal research agency that works with OSHA (Occupational Safety and … Continue reading

NFL: There are No Other Players with Dementia

As is often the case, it started with this short note we received from Elizabeth Pierce last week: . My father was a former NFL player who passed away after 20 years of dementia. . The NFL denied disability benefits. . … Continue reading

Obfuscation: The Current 88 Plan

In our last post, we uploaded the 88 Plan Summary which was 32 pages long (click HERE to read that earlier post). . Here’s the 21-page 88 Plan itself as uploaded on Scribd once again for easier viewing and to … Continue reading

The Too-Little-Too-Late Strategy

When it comes to dealing with its senior retired players, it seems that the NFL and the NFLPA have consistently been running on a strategy of doing too little too late. And that’s the only thing they seem to do … Continue reading