Strokes: What did They Know and When Did They Know it?

As a few of my closest friend already know, I ended up in ICU exactly 2 weeks ago because of a hemorrhagic stroke. Totally unexpected and caught everyone off-guard – especially me! I was fortunate for many reasons, one of … Continue reading

The NFL was Right: Football Players Die Young

In an ironic twist, the NFL has now been shown to be right. But in a way that no one could have ever imagined. … Continue reading

They’re Ba-aack!

Some people just can’t seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar. Or maybe it’s more like getting their fingers stuck in the till. Our friends over at AON Consulting have popped back up on the radar screen … Continue reading

And About Those NFL Concussion Studies…

Here’s why we’re so excited about Dr. Amen’s offer to provide free brain scans which will be included in his upcoming study of football concussions. Many of you guys have already signed up but if you haven’t done so already, … Continue reading

Amen Clinic Offering Free Brain Scans for Independent Study on NFL Brain Injuries!

Here’s your personal invitation from Dr. Kristen Willeumier from the Amen Clinics to arrange an appointment to receive your free brain scan for their new study specifically focused on NFL football players’ concussions. NOTE: This study is completely independent of … Continue reading

Digging through the Drawers

Most of our readers know by now that Dave’s been in this fight for over 25 years with his Union, the NFLPA, to get justice for himself and his retired brothers. There’s just so much material to go through that … Continue reading

Brain Injury Law Passes in Washington

Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire just signed the nation’s most comprehensive return-to-play concussion law for high school sports. The law was named for Zackery Lystedt, a 16-year old high school football player who went back to play following a concussion … Continue reading

Dave’s Strange Phone Calls

Dave sure gets some interesting phone calls. Remember the gunshot call just before Gene Upshaw left the scene? (Read that post by clicking HERE.) We’re happy to say those kinds of calls have stopped. But with the letter-writing campaign to … Continue reading

What’s Really Going On Here?

Wow! What’s a poor guy have to do just to get one straight answer around here? When Dave sent of that letter to AON Corp. President/CEO Gregory Case (click HERE to read that post), we also made sure to CC: … Continue reading

Ask One Question and 10 More Pop Up

OK – At the end of September, we sent off a letter to the CEO Gregory Case of AON Corp. in Chicago asking for answers about a death benefit that’s supposed to provide our spouses with continuing benefits after we … Continue reading

And the Attorney General Washington State Responds…

We just received this response from the Attorney General’s office in Washington State (Click on the letter to enlarge for easier reading): … Continue reading

Update on Our Questions to AON

A week-and-a-half after sending out 13 letters to AON Corp. CEO Gregory Case and a long list of CC:’s, the US Postal Service has confirmed that the letters have all been delivered. (Click HERE to read the original letter.) It … Continue reading

Dave Looks for His “Death Benefit Policy”

Over the summer, the NFLPA offered a 4-month window for retired disabled players to apply or re-apply for their benefits. As many of you know, I was eventually approved for Inactive T&P (Total & Permanent) Disability benefits (but not Football … Continue reading