Updates on the Concussion Settlement

Here are two more filings from Judge Brody’s court on the NFL Concussion lawsuit settlement. One is a protection order to cover the master administrators of the settlement and the second filing is an update (incl Appendices) on progress so … Continue reading

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Appeal Hearing

Last Thursday, Nov. 19th, The Third Circuit of Appeals in Philadelphia heard oral arguments between the NFL’s attorneys and attorneys representing retired players appealing the NFL’s concussion lawsuit settlement offer. Central argument was over the exclusion of CTE (chronic traumatic … Continue reading

Want to Get Really Pissed?

Just a quick update from ABC/AP on the Fairness Hearing held in Philadelphia earlier today. Seeger’s quoted comment was telling: WTF are they paying you the big bucks for then if you didn’t even believe you had the balls to go all … Continue reading

FOXSports: NFL, players reach proposed $765M settlement of concussion-related lawsuits

BREAKING: From the Associated Press and just released on FOX Sports: . NFL, players reach proposed $765M settlement of concussion-related lawsuits Published August 29, 2013 Associated Press . PHILADELPHIA – The NFL and more than 4,500 former players want to … Continue reading

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Well, it looks like retired players may finally be getting the NFL’s attention. When they start trying to censor the conversation, you know they’re getting worried. After years of simply denying and spinning out fiction with phony committees and lying … Continue reading

Evan Weiner: “Fraudsters” and Surveillance and Sports

EDITOR’S NOTE: While Evan’s most recent story looks mostly at MLB, there are obvious repercussions when you consider the upcoming HGH testing agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA. And the idea of just how much power each League has … Continue reading

Bounties, Lawsuits and More for the Weekend

As big a deal as the League and Commissioner Goodell made of the Saints’ bounty program, you’d think it was something that no one ever knew about over the years and years that it’s been going on at all levels … Continue reading

And the Highlights from Our Press Conference

And for those of us with shorter attention spans, the highlights are now up on YouTube from our June 20th 2011 Retired Football Players Press Conference. We’ve uploaded it to YouTube in HD – you can enlarge it to full … Continue reading

Retired Football Players June 20th Press Conference

Thanks to Jennifer Thibeaux and her crew, we now have the full video of our June 20th 2011 Retired Football Players Press Conference held at the Washington Press Club. We’ve uploaded it to Veoh in HD – you can enlarge … Continue reading

Retired Players’ Fight for Benefits Goes Mainstream

We’re back from attending the Press Conference at the Press Club in Washington DC. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the teams at Hausfeld LLC and Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason and Carl Eller, everything came off even better than anyone … Continue reading