An End to Thursday Night Football?

After a very painful 22 – 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks are tallying up their injuries and losses off the field, leading to a lot of discussion on whether this added night … Continue reading

Ah Yes. NFL PR at Its Best

Seems the NFL has their fingers into every pie they can to make sure they can cover their asses when things get out of hand. Last week, Cardinals’ coach Bruce Arians slammed Moms for attacking football because the shifting tide … Continue reading

Thomas Jones: What a Concussion Feels Like

From Retired player, Thomas Jones (Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs 2000 – 2011), talks about what a concussion felt like. Nothing more needs to be said – everyone needs to watch … Continue reading

Jim Acho: Stepping Up to the Plate

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Acho is an attorney with the firm of Cummings, McClorey, Davis and Acho in Michigan and is best known for his work on the MLB lawsuit for retired players’ benefits. Jim has also represented many retired NFL … Continue reading

Rocky Rosema: Just Another Retired Football Player

Rocky Rosema played for 4 years with the St. Louis Cardinals from 1968 – 1971 and ended up on the injured reserve list during his final year. He’s been fighting to get his full Retirement Pension in recent years and … Continue reading