Same Crap, Different Day

While all the focus has now been on the soap opera surrounding the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement, it’s important to remind everyone that many of the retired players and their families have still been mired in the tangled mess of … Continue reading

Save Your Brain Sport Families Launch “Faces of CTE” Awareness Campaign

Save Your Brain Sport Families Launch “Faces of CTE” Awareness Campaign … Continue reading

Jeff Winans: CTE. And More

Brandi Winans has been awaiting news from Dr. Ann McKee on the results of the neuropathology study of brain samples from her husband, Jeff Winans. Jeff died unexpectedly just before Christmas 2012 and had committed to provide brain tissue to … Continue reading

IFV 2013: Life Inside the Real NFL Family

Brain concussions. CTE. Alcohol and drugs. Take these issues that have only recently become more openly discussed along with 101 more ingredients in family life and you have a very complicated recipe for making a family work (or not). Family … Continue reading

IFV 2013: Dr. Bennet Omalu on CTE and Football

Dr. Bennet Omalu was the first pathologist to uncover the presence of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in the brains of retired football players. It all started when Mike Webster’s body ended up on his examination table in Pittsburgh in 2002. … Continue reading

IFV 2013: Our Panelists and Schedule

With last-minute itinerary changes and arrivals, we’ve been juggling our Conference schedule to accommodate everything. And we’ve also made some minor additions to our schedule as well in order to cover some very recent events that we believe most of … Continue reading

Brandi Winans: Remembering Jeff

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brandi Winans informed us earlier today that Jeff Winans (Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1973 – 1978) had just passed away late last week. For those of you who might not know about Jeff and … Continue reading