NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

Well, that was a surprise. Today, Judge Alsup limited the scope and plaintiffs in closing the NFL Painkiller lawsuit. Only 9 players and 12 claims will stand as part of the dismissal and summary judgment in this suit. The judge … Continue reading

Just Say NO to Drugs, Roger!

So in recent weeks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has used his soap box to condemn marijuana use by players as an alternative to the addictive opioids and other painkillers that the League’s team doctors continue to administer to their players. … Continue reading

Burt Grossman’s Severance Pay: Part 5

Here we go again. More on Burt Grossman’s continuing battle for his Severance Check. Burt’s attorney, Daniel Anastasia, has written a response back to the NFL Management Council’s attorney, Brook Gardiner, as well as a request to the NFLPA’s Tom … Continue reading