Mad as Hell…

If nothing else makes you mad as hell, then this certainly will… For all you players who have already applied for your settlement and continue to wade through the process (What else is new?) while the lawyers continue battle it … Continue reading

And Now – Lawyers Screwing Lawyers

Well, now comes the single most important part for the lawyers in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit – but you knew this was coming! Here’s a copy of the 22-page declaration from Seeger & Weiss filed on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 … Continue reading

Former Titans Tight End Frank Wycheck Believes He Has CTE

After 11 years of playing in the NFL followed by years of depression and cognitive issues, Frank Wycheck (Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans 1993 – 2003) publicly acknowledged that his post-career problems are the direct result of CTE from all the … Continue reading

Gale Sayers and Crew Fight Back

In some of our past posts, we’ve often pointed out the Heads-We-Win-Tails-You-Lose approach with all too many lawyers and lawsuits. And we pointed out that the plaintiffs’ attorneys for the NFL concussion lawsuits will be fighting over how to divide … Continue reading

The Violent World of Sam Huff

Walter Cronkite introduces the Life of a Linebacker from an early reality show back in 1960 – The violent world of Sam Huff (New York Giants, 1956-1964, Washington Redskins 1964-1969, Hall of Fame Linebacker). How many of you retired players … Continue reading

Thomas Jones: What a Concussion Feels Like

From Retired player, Thomas Jones (Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs 2000 – 2011), talks about what a concussion felt like. Nothing more needs to be said – everyone needs to watch … Continue reading

Last Call to Opt Out or Object

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is now the 11th Hour. If any of you retired players have been considering Opting Out and/or filing an Objection to the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Offer. today is the final day to submit your paperwork. It … Continue reading

Lying as A Way of Doing Business

Click cartoon to enlarge. We’re not sure who lies and cheats more: The NFL or the NFLPA. The latest coverage from the Fainaru brothers on ESPN’s Outside the Lines has exposed the behind-the-scenes games between the League and the Union … Continue reading

Tom Girardi: Behind the Scenes

Ah – to have been a fly on the wall during the so-called negotiations and discussions inside the Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Executive Committee meetings. Tom Girardi was one of the attorneys nominated to the Executive Committee along with Chris Seeger, Sol … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick: Harvard Hits NFLPA $100 Million Jackpot

Posted with the express consent of Irv Muchnick from his blog Concussion Inc.: .. Harvard Hits the Concussion Inc. Jackpot: 10 Years, $100 Million From NFL Players for a Tiny and Misrepresented Study Glossing Over Brain Trauma Published January 30th, … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick on the Other Dave Duerson Story

Posted with the express consent of Irv Muchnick: . Football Media, Courts Still Not Tackling Lesson of Dave Duerson Suicide . by Irvin Muchnick‚ Aug. 19‚ 2011 . Six months after Dave Duerson put a bullet through his own chest, … Continue reading