Former Titans Tight End Frank Wycheck Believes He Has CTE

After 11 years of playing in the NFL followed by years of depression and cognitive issues, Frank Wycheck (Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans 1993 – 2003) publicly acknowledged that his post-career problems are the direct result of CTE from all the … Continue reading

Official Faces of CTE Press Conference Launches Mon., Jan. 30th

Cyndy Feasel is preparing for a press conference scheduled this Monday, January 30th in Houston to announce a new organization called Faces of CTE. She will be joined by several other members who share similar experiences from the aftereffects of … Continue reading

Latest Volleys in Terry Scroggins Lawsuit

Things are getting very interesting in the most recent NFL CTE/concussion lawsuit. Last week, retired player Terry Scroggins had a lawsuit filed against the NFL by his attorney, Tim Howard, in US District Court Fort Lauderdale. Of course, it didn’t … Continue reading

A New Concussion Lawsuit

For some reason, things always seem get more interesting in the off-season. Last week, another retired NFL player, Tracy Scroggins (Detroit Lions, 1992 – 2001) had a new concussion lawsuit filed against the NFL on his behalf by attorney Tim … Continue reading

The NFLPA is Pissed!

OK. So it’s been a couple of weeks since Aaron Gordon wrote his 3-part article on retired players and their seemingly endless battle for their earned benefits. Apparently, it didn’t go over too well with the NFLPA who released a … Continue reading

John Hogan on the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer

Disability attorney and NFL retired player advocate, John Hogan, made an appearance on BlogTalkRadio’s Real Football Lives and Wives Show to discuss his thoughts on the NFL concussion settlement offer as well as some of his personal experiences battling the … Continue reading

Thank You, Judge Brody!

Last week, the final details of the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer were finally filed with Judge Anita Brody in US Court in Philadelphia. A lot of analysis has been circulating in the sports and business media and, of course, the … Continue reading

Larry Kaminski: It Never Changes…

. Fellow Former Players: . I was flabbergasted at the announcement made yesterday regarding the settlement decision on the concussion suit. I have been working on a settlement for several years in a CA Workers Comp case that only recently … Continue reading