Larry Kaminski has Something to Say to His Union

Our friend, retired Bronco, Larry Kaminski (Denver Broncos 1966 – 1973) was as surprised as most of us to discover what the NFLPA – YOUR Union – has been doing with your money. (Our post from yesterday – click HERE … Continue reading

Ah Yes – Your Union Dollars at Work for You!

Aside from not providing the real help that most retired players need, it seems that the NFLPA has also been spending your union dollars to promote political agendas, including donations to organizations such as the Center for Community Change Action … Continue reading

Here’s the 2017 NFLPA LM-2

Here we go with this year’s LM-2 filing for the NFLPA just released at the end of May. 525 pages this year! Quick Glance: They now report 9,065 members compared to last year’s total of 6,542 members. And they closed … Continue reading

Almost Forgot! NFLPA 2015 – 2016 LM-2

Forgot to check on the Dept of Labor’s posts for annual LM-2’s and sure enough, the NFLPA’s latest filing was on May 27, 2016. So once again, your Union at work for you retired players. It looks like membership is … Continue reading

Your Union at Work

Once again, we have a retired player with a serious problem that’s even made the national news and all the social networks. Chris Brymer was found homeless in the streets of Victorville CA and a viral video spread everywhere to … Continue reading

How the NFLPA Votes

Well, as of last night, DeMaurice Smith is Executive Director of the NFLPA once again for 3 more years. And according to media articles now coming out, it was unanimous. But we also know how these people always vote: Unanimously. … Continue reading

Sean Morey: Questions for the NFLPA

Well, the election for Executive Director of the NFLPA is coming up this weekend and for the first time, the slate of candidates is not limited to a few candidates. Going up against incumbent DeMaurice Smith are Jason Belser (NFLPA’s senior director … Continue reading

James Acho & Sean Gilbert File NFLPA Platforms

Attorney James Acho (from the law firm Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho) and retired NFL player Sean Gilbert (LA Rams/St Louis Rams, Washington, Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders) have each submitted their platforms as part of the process in running for … Continue reading

A New Hat in the Ring

Just received a copy of this letter in my Inbox this morning. I wasn’t surprised to see attorney Jim Acho finally taking that leap into the quagmire called the NFLPA. With DeMaurice Smith’s five-year term finally expiring this Spring, team … Continue reading

At Last! NFLPA Sued for Concussions!

Well, it was just a question of time. Former NFL players Christian Ballard and Gregory Westbrooks just filed a lawsuit against the NFLPA for their negligent role in covering up the damage from concussions in football. Also named in the … Continue reading

CBA Settlement Details Now Online

We now have a publicly available copy of the Settlement Agreement details and the subsequent Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) made when the CBA was ratified. The individual active players (Brady et al) agreed to drop their suits that were filed … Continue reading

Let the Posturing Begin

You would think that the NFLPA would have learned by now that any time they let attorney Jeffrey Kessler into a lawsuit, they may as well count on things taking longer and costing more. In case there are still some … Continue reading

Next Lawsuit: Can You Hear Us Now?

The NFLPA just announced their 2012 convention to be held once again at the Marco Island Marriott in Florida next March. Retired players are also invited to actually mingle with active players for $250 a night! Lots of golf, fine … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick: DeMaurice Smith Major Bad Guy in National Concussion Saga

Posted with the express consent of Irv Muchnick: . NFL Players Boss DeMaurice Smith, Eric Holder’s Pal, Major Bad Guy in National Concussion Saga . by Irvin Muchnick, 2011-08-12 . And now for a heartwarming anecdote from last weekend’s Pro … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with This Picture? The REAL Business of Football

Remember Troy Vincent? He was the one player inside the NFLPA who chose to question Gene Upshaw in his final year at the NFLPA. As President of the NFLPA for four years, he actually believed that he could bring up … Continue reading