When Things Don’t Quite Go Your Way…

And even if it’s just a paltry few million, you know the League will still cut your study off at the kneecaps if they see the results totally going against them; they won’t ever hesitate to cut off your pledged … Continue reading

Warren Sapp on Concussions

Hall-of-Famer Warren Sapp (1995 – 2007 • Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Oakland Raiders) tells it like it is about football and concussions. Knowing what he knows now about brain injuries, Sapp wants his brain diagnosed for CTE when he passes … Continue reading

Sports Illustrated: Gayle Sayers Battling Dementia

The family of Hall-of-Famer Gayle Sayers acknowledged that he has been diagnosed with advancing dementia. They made the decision to go public with his health diagnosis to address many of the rumors that have been circulating recently. Sayers was one … Continue reading

Don Brady: Symptoms of TBI

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a response to Brian Nemeth’s comment on an earlier post last month (NFL vs NHL: Comparing Concussions & Coverups), our friend Dr. Don Brady wrote a long and detailed comment about the symptoms of concussions. We felt … Continue reading

Larry Kaminski Says It All

Last week, Larry Kaminski (Denver Broncos 1966 – 1973) sat down and wrote a long overdue letter about his life during and after playing professional football in the NFL. This was sent out to his state representatives among others (including … Continue reading

Changing Perspectives on Concussions over the Years

Just read this great overview from Erick Fernandez over on HuffPost Sports and passing it along. Videos embedded below. How things have changed since the 80’s! And be sure to watch the short recent comments by Jim McMahon at the … Continue reading

Retired Players: Back of the Bus… Again!

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m thoroughly disgusted by the NFL, the NFLPA and the lawyers once again. But what else is new? Seems like everyone is pushing hard to get the NFL’s concussion settlement pushed through as … Continue reading

BIAA Brief Filed on Behalf of Retired Players

The Brain Injury Association (BIAA) filed an Amicus Curiae – or Friend of the Court – Brief yesterday on behalf of the retired NFL players who are defending their appeal against accepting the current NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer. The … Continue reading

At Least She’s Not a Proctologist!

Earlier this year, the NFL appointed its first Chief Health and Medical Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, who is also president of Boston’s prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a short interview with her yesterday on CNN: But while Roger … Continue reading

Matt Chaney – The 1890s: Cerebral Risks Confirmed on Gridiron

Brain Injury in American Football: 130 Years of Knowledge and Denial Part One in a Series By Matt Chaney Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2015 As American football officials tell the story today, brain injury among players is a fledgling issue, … Continue reading

Why Should We Keep Paying for Stadiums?

I generally don’t watch John Oliver but on rare occasion, he nails it! This recent rant on how cities get conned into forcing all of us to fund sports stadiums that ultimately only help the team owners. If they’re rich … Continue reading

Paul Anderson: The Latest Wave

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend, Paul Anderson, attended some of our conferences in the past while he was still studying law. As a practicing attorney now covering concussion litigation among his many areas of practice, Paul has been following the NFL concussion lawsuit  … Continue reading

Joe Theismann Talks about the NFL Concussion Settlement

Quarterback Joe Theismann (1974 – 1985 Washington) did a quick overview with FOX Business Melissa Francis on his thoughts about the recent NFL concussion lawsuit settlement just approved by Judge Brody in US District Court yesterday. He did not opt Out … Continue reading

4 Different Types of TBI

Are you as confused as most of us when it comes to a traumatic brain injury? Dolman Law Group put together this simplified infographic explaining the different – and sometimes subtle – differences of TBI. Somehow, I have a feeling … Continue reading

Opt Out List for NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Offer

You would think even this many retired players and their families filing Opt Outs from the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement “offer” would have been enough to persuade the judge to move this case into a full trial complete with discovery. … Continue reading