Aaron Hernandez: Stage 3 CTE

THIS JUST IN: The results of a post-mortem study on Aaron Hernandez’s brain were just released this morning and Dr. Ann McKee’s team at Boston University disclosed that he had advanced Stage 3 CTE. Stage 3 is typically found in … Continue reading

Don Brady on Brain Injuries

For your weekend viewing: A couple of interviews with Dr. Don Brady on the Joe Condon Show from late last year covering brain injuries, along with an educational video from Dr. Daniel Amen on how a concussion happens. Part 1: … Continue reading

Dr. Amen on TBI Before Super Bowl XLIX

I had the distinct privilege of meeting and working with Dr. Daniel Amen several years ago when he was first trying to launch his study of retired NFL football players’ brains. Since then, Dr. Amen completed the largest SPECT scan study … Continue reading

Larry King Live on Brain Injuries in the NFL

We just came across this Larry King Now episode on Head Trauma in the NFL from January 2013, not long after Junior Seau committed suicide. Superbowl Champion Fred McCrary, Jacksonville Jaguar Marcedes Lewis, Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter and our … Continue reading

Our Pre-Super Bowl Videos to Watch

Well, the NFL and the NFLPA and everyone else in between are spinning out a lot of press before Super Bowl weekend so we may as well also post up a couple of new videos to keep things balanced. . … Continue reading

IFV-TV: Discussion Panel on Concussions – George Visger

We started the second day of our IFV Conference last April in Las Vegas at the South Point with a panel discussing some of the latest information and studies on concussions, brain damage and current state-of-the-art treatments.  Retired 49’er George … Continue reading

Your Weekend Reading: Concussions, Lawsuits & More

For a normally quiet time in the off-season, there’s a lot going on. Concussion lawsuits continue to be filed and the latest count indicates there may be over 3,000 retired football players who have filed suits against the NFL to … Continue reading

Dr. Amen on Junior Seau

DANIEL G. AMEN, MD RESPONDS TO JUNIOR SEAU SUICIDE . “These players need to know there IS help for them!” . NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (May 3, 2012) — While Junior Seau’s apparent suicide breaks the hearts of football fans nationwide, … Continue reading

On the Road with George Visger

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Visger caught up with me on the phone this morning just before arriving at a job site. George is back at work trying hard to help his family recover from losing their home after suffering another near-fatal … Continue reading

Concussions Take Center Stage

This past week, we’ve probably seen even more media coverage on concussions than all past years combined. It’s been like a huge tsunami of people, events and timing all converging to drive interest in a subject that’s been hidden away … Continue reading

And Now for Our Next Act…

We haven’t been posting as much the past couple of weeks (Thanks for picking up the slack, Evan!) because we’ve been getting things ready for our upcoming Conference later this month at The South Point in Las Vegas. If you … Continue reading

Dealing with Bureaucrats

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh when a situation gets so ridiculous and absolutely everyone else can see it except the very people who should be able to see it. Yesterday, Dr. Ken Stoller submitted the … Continue reading

What Goes Around: Life after Football

“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake.” . While the NFL and the NFLPA continue to roll out one press release after another about the wonderful progress they’re making for today’s players … Continue reading

George Visger: How I’ve Managed to Survive So Far

Dave, . I recently returned from my second exam at Dr. Amen’s clinic on July 10, 2010. My first exam was conducted over 3 days in October of 2009. The October exam was much more thorough than the standard NFL … Continue reading

A Couple of Video Clips for Sunday

Up here in Seattle, we still remember when the King Dome was imploded (March 26, 2000) to make way for the new SafeCo Stadium that is now home to the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Earlier this morning, the old Texas … Continue reading