Aaron Hernandez Found Dead in Prison Cell

One more tragic ending to what started as a very promising career. Does anyone have any doubt about the role brain injuries had in all of this? Aaron Hernandez, former NFL player, found dead in prison cell, officials say Aaron … Continue reading

REAL Shaming Works!

Funny how real shaming works. First the NFL and all the lawyers who had the most to gain from the phony concussion settlement tried to stir up some of the players and their families into shaming those who had the guts to … Continue reading

Views on the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer

The NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement offer was announced a little over 24 hours ago and the firestorm of coverage and analysis is the talk of the media already. We won’t be privy to seeing the actual Settlement Offer until … Continue reading

John Hogan: What Happened with the NFL Alumni?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that some of the dust has settled from the fallout of George Martin’s 2-year tenure as Executive Director of the NFL Alumni, there are a lot of questions still left unanswered. Attorney John Hogan was an active … Continue reading

Bounties, Lawsuits and More for the Weekend

As big a deal as the League and Commissioner Goodell made of the Saints’ bounty program, you’d think it was something that no one ever knew about over the years and years that it’s been going on at all levels … Continue reading

NFL Alumni’s Ron George Responds to FOX Sports

EDITOR’S NOTE: A copy of NFL Alumni COO Ron George’s Memo to Chapter Presidents arrived in our Inboxes this morning. Here it is in its entirety: . From: Ronald George Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 To: Chapter Presidents Cc: George … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick: Dave Duerson’s Vanishing Act

Duerson Apparently Did Not Review Andrew Stewart NFL Disability Claim Posted with the express consent of Irv Muchnick: . Published September 10th, 2011 . On August 16, FoxSports.com’s Alex Marvez broke the story of a lawsuit against the National Football … Continue reading

More Legal Stuff

So this was filed last Friday by the NFLPA: . (We’ve uploaded the legal documents to Scribd for easier viewing and to make it downloadable. You can click the link to go over to Scribd’s site where you can enlarge it … Continue reading

Independent Football Veterans Conference

We’ve arrived in Las Vegas to prepare for our First Annual Independent Football Veterans Conference. In a short span of two months, we’ve been fortunate in being able to assemble a terrific lineup of speakers who will help to cover a … Continue reading