Final Order on NFL Painkillers Lawsuit

Judge William Alsup issued his final ruling in the NFL Painkiller lawsuit on Friday and it’s clear that he leans more in favor of employers over employees. Our friend, Sheilla Dingus, posted some interesting initial observations on Alsup’s ruling on … Continue reading

PED Investigation Closed

Earlier today, the NFL announced their “findings” from their drawn-out al Jazeera PED investigation: James Harrison, Clay Matthews and Julius Pepper have been cleared of any allegations that they ever used PED’s based on an already-discredited video from a “witness” … Continue reading

After the Game: The Willie Wood Story

Willie Wood has done it all in football: From Super Bowl I with the Green Bay Packers (1960 – 1971) in 1967 to the Hall of Fame in 1989 – and all as one of the first black players in … Continue reading

“The Next Hit Could Possibly Kill You”

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Adrian Coxson tells The Players’ POV about the hit he took on his third day of practice and how it ended his career before it even began. You can also read more of the … Continue reading

George Visger in His Own Words: A Career of Concussions

Football damaged my brain and it didn’t have to happen GEORGE VISGER, a former 49er, tells his story . Due to the size and speed of today’s football players, the kinetic energy they generate during hits can have long-term consequences. … Continue reading

1944 Packers Contract

Maybe the NFLPA and present players should see what it was like in the 40’s (especially guys like Drew Brees who believe the older guys “squandered their money”). . These early guys paved the way for the modern day millionaires … Continue reading

About that NFL Michigan Study

This is a recent letter that Mark Koncar (Green Bay Packers, Houston Oilers 1976 – 1983) wrote to David Weir at the University of Michigan regarding their recent  study conducted for the NFL. Mark was actually one of the participants … Continue reading

Amen to That!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal‘s Bob Wolfley wrote about a recent interview with Paul Hornung on Sirius Radio’s The Opening Drive. Hornung was running back for the Green Bay Packers 1957 – 1966 and had recently undergone hip replacement surgery at … Continue reading