HBOT for Veterans

Here’s the episode on HBOT that FOX Business Innovations with Ed Bagley Jr. aired last night on Remembrance Day. Meanwhile, the team owners are still negotiating Roger Goodell’s new contract that would be well over $40 million a year with … Continue reading

IFV-TV: Discussion Panel on Concussions – George Visger

We started the second day of our IFV Conference last April in Las Vegas at the South Point with a panel discussing some of the latest information and studies on concussions, brain damage and current state-of-the-art treatments.  Retired 49’er George … Continue reading

For the Record

On Sunday, the Denver Post published an article and interview I did last week with sports journalist, Terry Frei. Over the course of our conversation which mostly covered the issues of injuries and concussions and the subsequent consequences of the … Continue reading

PowerPoints from Our Conference

Big-time pollen alerts across the country! Jennifer and her daughter are recovering from severe allergies this week, so we’re going ahead and posting up the PowerPoints from some of the discussions at our Second Independent Football Veterans Conference. Sorry for … Continue reading

George Visger in His Own Words: A Career of Concussions

Football damaged my brain and it didn’t have to happen GEORGE VISGER, a former 49er, tells his story . Due to the size and speed of today’s football players, the kinetic energy they generate during hits can have long-term consequences. … Continue reading

On the Road with George Visger

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Visger caught up with me on the phone this morning just before arriving at a job site. George is back at work trying hard to help his family recover from losing their home after suffering another near-fatal … Continue reading

IFV Conference Part 11: Dr. Bill Duncan

Dr. William A. Duncan serves as President of Capitol Strategy Consultants, Inc., where he represents clients on healthcare, biomedical research, veterans, Department of Defense, and criminal justice and public health arenas. His clients benefit from his extensive background in the … Continue reading

IFV Conference Part 10: Ed Nemeth

Ed Nemeth, a successful, highly educated and trained businessman with a background in neurological research is the father of a severe quad CP child. Shortly after his daughter Rebecca’s complicated birth and cardiac arrest for 35 minutes he and his … Continue reading

IFV Conference Part 6: Steve Reimers

Steve Reimers was introduced to hyperbarics as a young Naval officer in 1969 and has been designing and building hyperbaric facilities ever since. Presently he runs two companies, Reimers Systems, Inc. (RSI) and Hyperbaric Clearinghouse, Inc. (HCI). RSI is a major … Continue reading

IFV Conference Part 5: Dr. Jim Wright

James K. Wright, MD, Col, USAF (Ret) is the principal investigator for the National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Trial (NBIRR) in which individuals with TBI or PTSD can receive hyperbaric oxygen treatment for their injuries. He recently retired from … Continue reading

George Visger: How I’ve Survived So Far

Dave – . I read that earlier post with the article on Fred McNeil (click HERE) and wanted to thank you and Robert once again for the great tireless job you both do on educating everyone about the real world … Continue reading

Dr. Ken Stoller: Play & Pay

Play & Pay . KP Stoller, MD, FACHM . There are certain similarities between the warriors who become football players and the warriors who serve the needs of the military. In a sense, football is organized war, whereas “real” war … Continue reading

Why You’ve Never Heard of HBOT: Part III

The third and final part of Dr. Stoller’s work with Wayne Hawkins and HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Dr. Stoller’s post talks about how a big industry – the big multinational pharmaceutical companies – have managed to keep HBOT hidden from the … Continue reading

Dealing with Bureaucrats

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh when a situation gets so ridiculous and absolutely everyone else can see it except the very people who should be able to see it. Yesterday, Dr. Ken Stoller submitted the … Continue reading

What Goes Around: Life after Football

“A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake.” . While the NFL and the NFLPA continue to roll out one press release after another about the wonderful progress they’re making for today’s players … Continue reading