Here’s the 2017 NFLPA LM-2

Here we go with this year’s LM-2 filing for the NFLPA just released at the end of May. 525 pages this year! Quick Glance: They now report 9,065 members compared to last year’s total of 6,542 members. And they closed … Continue reading

Almost Forgot! NFLPA 2015 – 2016 LM-2

Forgot to check on the Dept of Labor’s posts for annual LM-2’s and sure enough, the NFLPA’s latest filing was on May 27, 2016. So once again, your Union at work for you retired players. It looks like membership is … Continue reading

Brady’s Deflategate Appeal Hearing

The entire 457-page transcript of Tom Brady’s Deflategate hearing was just released. So for those of you with too much time on your hands, it’s now uploaded to Scribd for easy reading and downloading. One thing you’ll note is how … Continue reading

It’s Here! NFLPA 2014 – 2015 LM-2

Among the many reasons the NFL walked away from its nonprofit status was the disclosure of payoffs – er, payouts – from and to its various partners. For many reasons, other sports leagues (e.g. – MLB) had long opted out of … Continue reading

NFLPA 2013 LM-2 – ALL 549 Pages!

The NFLPA just filed their 2013 LM-2 yesterday with the Dept. of Labor as required of all labor unions and associations. This year, it’s a whopping 549 pages long with plenty of disclosure including salaries, payouts and expenses. We’re just … Continue reading

Full NFLPA 2012 LM-2 Just Released

Here’s a copy of the just-released 2012 LM-2 filed by the NFLPA with the Dept. of Labor. We’ll be posting more later about what we find in this latest LM-2 but we wanted to get it posted in time for … Continue reading

NDPA: Class Warfare in the NFLPA’s Version of the CBA

First, some news and the intro: Retired players lost Round 1 in their battle to wrest control of their pensions and benefits away from the NFLPA. In her final motion filed last week in Minnesota court, Judge Nelson dismissed the … Continue reading

CBA Settlement Details Now Online

We now have a publicly available copy of the Settlement Agreement details and the subsequent Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) made when the CBA was ratified. The individual active players (Brady et al) agreed to drop their suits that were filed … Continue reading

Let the Posturing Begin

You would think that the NFLPA would have learned by now that any time they let attorney Jeffrey Kessler into a lawsuit, they may as well count on things taking longer and costing more. In case there are still some … Continue reading

Spencer Kopf: United We Win, Divided We Lose!

. . Over the past four and a half decades I have witnessed many, many, many, many acts of injustice, chicanery and dishonesty. Some of these acts occurred on the fields and arenas in sport (as a player, teammate and … Continue reading

Mediation Expected for Retired Players Suit

Judge Susan Nelson’s court in Minneapolis MN just ordered parties to the earlier enjoined lawsuits to a case management conference on Aug. 10, 2011. What’s interesting to note is that Judge Nelson anticipates ordering all parties to bring participants who … Continue reading

Spencer Kopf: Forget Tomorrow – The Time is NOW!

Over the past several days I have been asked by many, many retired NFL players to express to the CURRENT Players, the RETIRED Players, the PRESS, the MEDIA, the FANS and the GOVERNMENT, on why the time will eventually come … Continue reading

How Lies Spread and How Revolutions Start on the Internet

EDITOR’S NOTE: 9:30 PM PST – Judy Battista’s story just posted on the New York Times – Click HERE to read this breaking story. . On Friday afternoon, a small group of us were informed about the details a conference … Continue reading

Retired Players’ Lawsuit – Round 2

Over the long weekend, attorneys for the Retired Players Class Action lawsuit against the NFL, its owners, the former NFLPA and active players filed another amended 64-page complaint with the US District Court in Minnesota. . We’ve uploaded a copy … Continue reading

Inside That 2010 LM-2 So Far

OK – many of you readers have had some time to look over that LM-2 we posted on Monday (click HERE to go to that post). We’ve already been receiving some e-mails on different tidbits that some of our readers … Continue reading