Sheilla Dingus: The Lawyers’ Feeding Frenzy

We’re watching the REAL fight now that Judge Brody has declared the concussion lawsuit as a done deal. And it’s not for the retired players. If these lawyers had put in half the energy they”re now putting into their battle … Continue reading

Paul Anderson: The Latest Wave

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend, Paul Anderson, attended some of our conferences in the past while he was still studying law. As a practicing attorney now covering concussion litigation among his many areas of practice, Paul has been following the NFL concussion lawsuit  … Continue reading

Thank You, Judge Brody!

Last week, the final details of the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer were finally filed with Judge Anita Brody in US Court in Philadelphia. A lot of analysis has been circulating in the sports and business media and, of course, the … Continue reading