Leonard Marshall Donates Brain to Ongoing CTE Study

Two-time Super Bowl winner, Leonard Marshall, is the latest retired NFL player to add his name to the growing list of brain donors for postmortem detection of CTE study. … Continue reading

From 2014: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 2

And here’s Season 2 of GQ’s Casualties of the Gridiron. Has anything changed for retired players? Do players expect things to get any better with the so-called NFL concussion lawsuit settlement? … Continue reading

From 2013: Casualties of the Gridiron – Season 1

Back in 2013, GQ produced a documentary that followed several retired NFL players on their journey after leaving the game. The long-term effects of injuries to their bodies and their brains has serious impacts not only on them but their … Continue reading

The United States of Football: Official Trailer

The official trailer for Sean Pamphilon’s The United States of Football. And Sean made an appearance on SBNation’s Uffsides, with All-Pro great, Leonard Marshall, to discuss his film and what they’ve learned about concussions. … Continue reading

Sean Pamphilon: The Ugly Truth Behind Concussions in Football

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon continues his road tour to promote his recently released film, The United States of Football. Watch for it at a theater near you as it rolls out across the country. . Here’s his latest interview – along … Continue reading

Random News

Some bits-and-pieces of information that have come in, starting with an interesting observation from disability attorney John Hogan (if anyone has heard anything about these reps on disability improvements, please feel free to let us know): . Article 61, Sec. … Continue reading