Are EA’s visual representations in Madden generic enough to avoid liability in publicity claim?

Are EA’s visual representations in Madden generic enough to avoid liability in publicity claim? By Joseph M. Hanna published on 3 March 2017 … Continue reading

And Something a Little Lighter for the Weekend

Here’s a video clip from the Onion Sports Network (don’t worry – in case you don’t know who they are, the Onion Network is strictly a tongue-in-cheek humor site). Maybe if people could actually experience what a concussion feels like, … Continue reading

Concussions. And Dave Duerson.

Holy cow! You’d think we never went into the off-season already. Or maybe we just had to wait until Super Bowl was over to get more media attention. But the coverage on concussions has become a loud theme everywhere, especially … Continue reading

The Future is Here Now

A very quiet news announcement hit the wires this past week that could have major repercussions for active players in upcoming contract negotiations. First, here’s the headline and a clip from the original release on Reuters: . NFL in discussions … Continue reading

Keeping Up with the News

A couple of recent articles caught our attention today, one of them discussing the Madden Curse – what happens when you find yourself featured on the cover of the latest edition of Electronic Arts Madden Football: . To Grace Or … Continue reading

Joke of the Day: Madden in Charge of Head Trauma

We have no idea how anyone missed this little tidbit from the Congressional hearings on brain concussions in the NFL. The media rightfully focused on stirring comments made by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ owner Gay Culverhouse regarding the complete lack … Continue reading

The Three-Week GLA Trial in 15 Minutes

HBO Real Sports ran its Disunity episode on the retired players GLA trial last night. In under 15 minutes, they managed to present the major highlights of the entire 3-week trial, covering the points and counterpoints between the retired players … Continue reading

Breaking News on the Trial in San Francisco

This is just coming in right now on the class lawsuit by Bernie Parrish, Herb Adderley, Walter Roberts and a cast of thousands against the NFLPA/Players Inc. in San Francisco. It looks like the jury has come back in favor … Continue reading