Same Crap, Different Day

While all the focus has now been on the soap opera surrounding the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement, it’s important to remind everyone that many of the retired players and their families have still been mired in the tangled mess of … Continue reading

One More Court-Ordered Shark Alert

Last month, we posted a Shark Alert about the nasty attorneys who have been using every dirty trick they can to get retired players to sign up for “legal representation” in order to get an unearned cut of their possible … Continue reading

Sheilla Dingus: The Lawyers’ Feeding Frenzy

We’re watching the REAL fight now that Judge Brody has declared the concussion lawsuit as a done deal. And it’s not for the retired players. If these lawyers had put in half the energy they”re now putting into their battle … Continue reading

Joe Nocera: The NFL’s Broken Concussion Settlement

Joe Nocera has been a New York Times Op-Ed and Business columnist for many years. Nocera has also written several books, mostly focused on business. In his Oct. 7th column, he analyzes the final NFL Concussion Settlement Offer that’s been … Continue reading

New York Times Bitch-Slaps NFL

Ah yes! NFL lawyers. You gotta love ’em. No matter the outcome or the situation, they never lose. Even in an unwinnable situation, they’ll just keep throwing more crap at stuff regardless if it’s a disability case or a story … Continue reading

Paul Anderson: The Latest Wave

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend, Paul Anderson, attended some of our conferences in the past while he was still studying law. As a practicing attorney now covering concussion litigation among his many areas of practice, Paul has been following the NFL concussion lawsuit  … Continue reading

NFL Lifts Cap on Concussion Payments

This just in today: In another desperate attempt to close off the concussion lawsuits before the next season starts, the NFL has just offered to lift the cap on cash awards to retired players’ concussion damage claims after Judge Anita … Continue reading

NCAA Finally Gets Slapped

Back in December 2011, the New York Times’ Joe Nocera wrote the definitive overview about the lucrative one-sided college sports industrial complex. Let’s Start Paying College Athletes Mark Emmert, the president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the almighty overseer … Continue reading

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Well, it looks like retired players may finally be getting the NFL’s attention. When they start trying to censor the conversation, you know they’re getting worried. After years of simply denying and spinning out fiction with phony committees and lying … Continue reading

Too Important Not to Post

How timely. This article just came out in the New York Times yesterday. In all too many cases, you merely have to change the names of the lawyers and it all ends up the same story. We had to post … Continue reading

Evan Weiner: NFL Job Audition Includes Making “Suicide Squad” Rather than Special Teams Squad

Posted with the express consent of Evan Weiner: . . THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS . BY EVAN WEINER COMMENTARY . The NFL job audition includes making the “suicide squad” rather than the special teams squad . May 11, … Continue reading

NDPA: Class Warfare in the NFLPA’s Version of the CBA

First, some news and the intro: Retired players lost Round 1 in their battle to wrest control of their pensions and benefits away from the NFLPA. In her final motion filed last week in Minnesota court, Judge Nelson dismissed the … Continue reading

Bette Schwager: I Will NOT Sign That Release!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave has been talking with Bette Schwager over the past few weeks about her treatment (or mistreatment) at the hands of the NFLPA and the Players Assistance Trust (PAT). We asked her to write the story in her … Continue reading

How Lies Spread and How Revolutions Start on the Internet

EDITOR’S NOTE: 9:30 PM PST – Judy Battista’s story just posted on the New York Times – Click HERE to read this breaking story. . On Friday afternoon, a small group of us were informed about the details a conference … Continue reading

NFL Damage Control on Concussions

. Well, the floodgates are opening wider and wider. Sports Legacy Institute and Boston University held a press conference this past Monday to announce their findings on the late Dave Duerson’s brain examination. To no one’s surprise, they discovered the … Continue reading