Objection Letter to Judge Brody

NOTE: This form is now disabled as the meeting time has passed. Thanks for sending all your emails! This form will be sent as an email to Judge Brody’s office to communicate your objections to the closed-door conference to be … Continue reading

Larry Kaminski: Still Waiting…

This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated by the NFL and NFLPA against all former players, especially those guys from back in the day and who need help the most today. And where is Drew Brees, the great humanitarian, when … Continue reading

One More Court-Ordered Shark Alert

Last month, we posted a Shark Alert about the nasty attorneys who have been using every dirty trick they can to get retired players to sign up for “legal representation” in order to get an unearned cut of their possible … Continue reading

Shark Warning

Over the years, many of you have told me about those high-end loan scammers who have taken advantage of your situation while awaiting disability and pension settlements pending through the courts and arbitration processes. Not that different from high-interest check … Continue reading

Jim Acho: For the Players Who Opted Out

Over the past months of confusion and ongoing drama with the NFL concussion lawsuit, many of you who had opted out of the lawsuit have reached out to me seeking opinions on what to do next. A while back, our … Continue reading

Gale Sayers and Crew Fight Back

In some of our past posts, we’ve often pointed out the Heads-We-Win-Tails-You-Lose approach with all too many lawyers and lawsuits. And we pointed out that the plaintiffs’ attorneys for the NFL concussion lawsuits will be fighting over how to divide … Continue reading

Should You Get Ready for a Settlement?

Remember Jim Acho? He’s the attorney who ran against DeMaurice Smith in the last election for Executive Director of the NFLPA. Jim is with the law firm Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho with offices in several cities. He continues to … Continue reading

Retired Players: Back of the Bus… Again!

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m thoroughly disgusted by the NFL, the NFLPA and the lawyers once again. But what else is new? Seems like everyone is pushing hard to get the NFL’s concussion settlement pushed through as … Continue reading

Truth in Advertising

So the headlines are already out through AP that the NFL Concussion Settlement is now delayed by a small, selfish bunch of players who actually want to get paid for the brain damage inflicted on them from years of playing … Continue reading

Official Concussion Settlement Documents

Here are the final documents filed on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 in US District Court in Philadelphia under Judge Anita Brody: The 7-page memo along with the full 132-page Agreement. We’re also posting a copy of the 24-page summary piece … Continue reading

Joe Theismann Talks about the NFL Concussion Settlement

Quarterback Joe Theismann (1974 – 1985 Washington) did a quick overview with FOX Business Melissa Francis on his thoughts about the recent NFL concussion lawsuit settlement just approved by Judge Brody in US District Court yesterday. He did not opt Out … Continue reading

Steelers Doctor No: CTE ‘rare,’ football safe

Are you f*ckin’ kidding me? I mean seriously? The team doctor for the Steelers had some interesting comments to add to a discussion on ESPN about concussions in general and CTE in particular. In a nutshell, he declared that CTE … Continue reading

FYI: You Can Still File Objections

Well, as much as we’ve heard from so many sources about Opting Out and Objecting to the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer deadline including major media and even some attorneys, we’ll admit that we also misunderstood the actual deadlines. Turns out … Continue reading

Judge Brody’s Ruling

And here is Judge Anita Brody’s opinion and ruling as filed with the US District Court in Philadelphia on Jan 14, 2014. We’ve uploaded a copy of her 12-page Opinion to Scribd to make it available for easy reading and … Continue reading