Larry Kaminski has Something to Say to His Union

Our friend, retired Bronco, Larry Kaminski (Denver Broncos 1966 – 1973) was as surprised as most of us to discover what the NFLPA – YOUR Union – has been doing with your money. (Our post from yesterday – click HERE … Continue reading

Ah Yes – Your Union Dollars at Work for You!

Aside from not providing the real help that most retired players need, it seems that the NFLPA has also been spending your union dollars to promote political agendas, including donations to organizations such as the Center for Community Change Action … Continue reading

NFL Political Contributions

Not too much can be hidden these days especially with political contributions. Even though there are new calls on Capitol Hill to investigate the NFL’s direct influence on the $30 million research “no-strings-attached” donation to the NIH for concussion research, … Continue reading