Sports Illustrated: Gayle Sayers Battling Dementia

The family of Hall-of-Famer Gayle Sayers acknowledged that he has been diagnosed with advancing dementia. They made the decision to go public with his health diagnosis to address many of the rumors that have been circulating recently. Sayers was one … Continue reading

Evan Weiner: “Fraudsters” and Surveillance and Sports

EDITOR’S NOTE: While Evan’s most recent story looks mostly at MLB, there are obvious repercussions when you consider the upcoming HGH testing agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA. And the idea of just how much power each League has … Continue reading

Discarded NFL Players are Often Forgotten in Retirement

Reprinted in its entirety with permission from Evan Weiner: Discarded NFL players are often forgotten in retirement Friday, 23 July 2010 … Continue reading

What It Costs to Go to the Super Bowl

We’re still spending some time poring over that 2007 LM-2 filing from the NFLPA and, like everything else they do – there’s always surprises tucked into every corner. The LM-2 as close as we can get to audit-type numbers as … Continue reading

Jeff Nixon Salutes Harry Carson’s Remarks

Harry Carson was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame (HOF). During the ceremony, Harry took some time from his personal day of honor to point out the seldom-acknowledged contributions of the old players from the early days of the … Continue reading