HBOT for Veterans

Here’s the episode on HBOT that FOX Business Innovations with Ed Bagley Jr. aired last night on Remembrance Day. Meanwhile, the team owners are still negotiating Roger Goodell’s new contract that would be well over $40 million a year with … Continue reading

An End to Thursday Night Football?

After a very painful 22 – 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks are tallying up their injuries and losses off the field, leading to a lot of discussion on whether this added night … Continue reading

Official Faces of CTE Press Conference Launches Mon., Jan. 30th

Cyndy Feasel is preparing for a press conference scheduled this Monday, January 30th in Houston to announce a new organization called Faces of CTE. She will be joined by several other members who share similar experiences from the aftereffects of … Continue reading

The REAL NFL: As Only a Widow Can Tell It

Another all-too-familiar story on the long-term impact of concussions. Over the years, we’ve chronicled so many stories of the damage not only to the players but on their families during and after their careers in football. And – as always … Continue reading

Richard Sherman on Players and the NFL

Richard Sherman has never been one to hold back about¬†what’s on his mind. In a recent interview with The Players’ Tribune, the Seattle Seahawks’ star cornerback tells it like it is about the reality of life in the NFL and … Continue reading

Deflategate Hits the Fan!

Well, the final report just got released by attorney Ted Wells today on the Tom Brady/New England Patriots Deflategate investigation. At 243 pages, it covers almost every conceivable angle to put up a nearly indisputable case against the Patriots, Brady … Continue reading

Karma Bites! Seahawks Rule!

Nothing like watching the Seahawks wreak their havoc on an arrogant Drew Brews. Lest anyone forget why Brees is still so hated by the retired players community: … Continue reading

Bob Lurtsema: Lipstick on a Pig

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this first-hand report from retired player, Bob Lurtsema, who was one of the “uninvited players” who showed up last week along with Bob Stein and many of the Plaintiffs in the NFL Films lawsuit Status Conference. … Continue reading

George Visger in His Own Words: A Career of Concussions

Football damaged my brain and it didn’t have to happen GEORGE VISGER, a former 49er, tells his story . Due to the size and speed of today’s football players, the kinetic energy they generate during hits can have long-term consequences. … Continue reading

Irv Muchnick: Sports Concussion Crisis a Culture-Wide Problem

EDITOR’S NOTE: Author Irv Muchnick has been covering the big picture on concussions in sports and its broader effects on society in general. In following up with our most recent posts and debates with insiders from the NFLPA on their … Continue reading

Dave Duerson’s Replacement

This is your Disability Board. This is your Disability Board at work. . Former Seattle Seahawk Sam McCullum has declared himself as Dave Duerson’s replacement on the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Disability Board. And he’s not shy to talk about it. … Continue reading

Pranking Roger Goodell

And a little Friday humor to kick the weekend off: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Gets Pranked By Seattle Seahawks Raheem Brock And Chester Pitts In a bid to end the lockout, Seattle Seahawks Raheem Brock and Chester Pitts take their … Continue reading

January Roundup

Wow! Is it just us or did January whiz right by and now we’re already heading into February and the Superbowl? Here’s a roundup of some items to close off the month. . . … Continue reading

Are Things Changing with Brain Injuries?

… … Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been a lot of media coverage on the effects of brain injuries and concussions in football. We’ve seen two articles from Alan Schwarz of The New York Times, as well as … Continue reading