Updates on the Concussion Settlement

Here are two more filings from Judge Brody’s court on the NFL Concussion lawsuit settlement. One is a protection order to cover the master administrators of the settlement and the second filing is an update (incl Appendices) on progress so … Continue reading

Déjà vu… Again!

In a move that’s sure to sound familiar to most retired players who have tried to access their earned disability benefits in the past, lawyers from both sides of the concussion “settlement” have agreed to the NFL’s proposal to set … Continue reading

John Hogan: If it smells like…

This Blog is about the only source where retired players have been able to read about the deficiencies of the settlement from an objective source. While other sites have pushed the settlement, they do not always reveal the fact that … Continue reading

More Facts on the Concussion Settlement Offer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just received this from the people involved with NFL Concussion Settlement Facts. Some of these players were listed as objectors in the Objections filed this Monday (click HERE to go to that earlier post to read their objections). … Continue reading

Opting Out and Objections to the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer

We just received a copy of the Opt Out Form for retired players to submit to the court BEFORE Oct. 14, 2014 in the NFL Concussion Settlement Exclusion. Players wishing to opt out will need to fill out this form, … Continue reading

Patrick Hruby: The NFL Is Using Sickest Retirees as Hostages

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve just been given permission to post another scathing analysis on more details of the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement offer from Patrick Hruby. Just how low will the League go in trying to use a divide-and-conquer strategy by picking … Continue reading

Judge Brody Grants Preliminary Approval on Concussion Settlement and…

This is a copy of the objections filed last week by retired NFL players Kevin Turner and Shawn Wooden against approval of the NFL’s recent settlement offer. Judge Anita Brody had granted preliminary approval after the NFL “lifted” the cap … Continue reading